Childhood Memories Part 2

This is between 1992 and 1996
June 09, 2008

Okay, 1992 was a weird year for me since I got cable, my Grandmother died, and I went to a new school. But things came in place real fast.


We had no Cartoon Network, but we did have TBS, TNT, The Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon. What I liked was when we would watch movies, cartoons, and TV Shows on different stations. Heck, Bugs Bunny was seen on three different stations. The Disney Channel would play movies and live concerts on that station and VH-1 (We didn't watch MTV) played Music videoes. And later, I would watch 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' on Comedy Central during the Pre-South Park Years.

Video Games

We never got into video games until 1993 when my grandfather had the Atari hooked-up and later the NES. We played 'E.T.' for Atari and 'Super Mario 3' for NES. But it would be the Christmas of '93 when we would get the Sega Genesis. Me and my brother saved-up a lot of money for it and that Christmas we played Sega. And I still have it today. We got an SNES in '95, but it seemed that it didn't have the charm unlike Sega did.
The Beatles

In 1994, I got turned-on by Paul McCartney's music, then I realized that he was a Beatle. I got involved with McCartney's work such as Wings and his solo career, and he's still my favorite Beatle to this day. If I would ever meet a Beatle, it would be Paul McCartney.

School and Church

Like I mentioned earlier, I went to a new school and I really enjoyed being there until middle school. My school was annexed to a church and that was the church that I went to. The best part was the Youth Group. We would go to Deer Creek and have fun events. Later, I would go to another church called Trinity and there, my father would play in a contemporary band there.


This was the year that I love the most. Despite being bullied in school, I went to fun events with my youth group, taped a lot of good shows, had a great trip to Columbus, and my city celebrated its Bucentennial.
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