The De-Evolution of Rugrats

How one of my favorite shows as a kid turned into a sad excuse for a stupid show.
April 07, 2008
Hi hi! SparklyJigglypuff here, going on a basic rant about how Rugrats sold its soul to the devil.

When I was a little kid, Rugrats was this fun, quirky show about babies, their views of the world, and their various endeavors. It not only had fun and interesting things to keep kids like me watching, but it also had some - gasp!- off color humor that adults would get, but would float over the heads of us kids.
Then some bonehead gave the show a movie. And not only that but they knocked up Didi.
That would have been such a great opportunity- instead they wasted it by making the new addition, Dill Pickles, a drooling, constantly crapping and farting, little gross-out machine, there to make noises for two minutes straight, call Angelica "yucky", and that was pretty much it.
When they returned from Rugrats: The Movie, everything started going downhill. The animation got obnoxious, way too bright and showy.

Then they got ANOTHER movie- now who would go and do that? This time they went to Paris to visit Euro- Reptar land. And not only another movie but it's a freakin' MUSICAL this time. Grrreeeeaaattt....
They added three asinine characters: Kimi, the female Tommy, her mild-mannered Asian stereotype of a mom, and their retarded dog. All of them (except Kimi) served as love interests, for Chaz and Spike, respectively.
They also added a "grandma" named Lulu, who was an okay character. She was feisty, kinda like a grown-up non-Azn Kimi. But they also added Taffy- BIG mistake. She was a babysitter voiced by Amanda Bynes who did nothing but act dumb and again serve as a teenage stereotype.

No longer did the babies go on fun adventures that were clever. Now they mispronounced almost every word ("chuckie needs to take his diapey to the bafroom before the growed-ups go to the mlueseeyum!") and the episode revolved around an idiotic misunderstanding. The writers were getting too lazy to phone it in.
THEN THEY GOT ANOTHER MOVIE. Inexplicably they teamed up with the Wild Thornberrys to do Rugrats Go Wild! I did not see that one because by then I was old enough to realize how dumb it would be, but I'm sure it has lived up to every perception I ever had of its stupidity.

Then they got a new series: All Grown Up.
Except they freaking WEREN'T! They were ten years old! Angelica was twelve-thirteen! It was ridiculous! ONE episode would have been fine, to go "OH, so that's how they are going to look," but a whole SERIES? No way.

Then the gods of TV had mercy on our souls and cancelled it.

So that's how a fun, interesting, clever, and unique show turned into brainless, gross, stupid, boring sludge.
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