What I think about Movies.PT.1

Some movie studios I hate and love.
March 03, 2008
By the title you thought this was gonna be an article about movies well ill mention some but this article is really about movie companies.Some movie companies are just not making cool movies anymore and some are not even making movies, well my article begins with...

1.Universal studios

Everbody loves universal studios I mean who would not they have 2 awsome themeparks they had steven spielberg to direct some of their films and the universal studios hit E.T
(But I dont really like the movie so much)Universal studios even opened up a nickelodeon studios (later on got replaced by blue men group)But right now I dont see that universal is making so many films for kids so why do people keep going to the theme park?well because of all the other movies they made back then.They have like 50 rides based on movies from the 80s and 90s.Right now alot of retro movie rides have been replaced like back to the future the ride but for me universal studios still isnt that bad well maybe for us because we had better rides back then but kids right nnow will feel the same when they have kids and there favorite rides are replaced too.Universal studios dose not make that many movies but the park is a great place to go to.I hope you all agree with me after what Ive written.

2.Warner bros

This is the best studio I am going to mention in this article.(my opinion)this studio is making millions of great movies it used to back then when it made movies for looney tunes and vacation series(example.christmas vacation,vegas vacation)But it still makes awsome movies now because now they work with hanna-barbera studios too.
I think this studio should get its own park well i now they have six flags but something else something even more exciting.If i could work with any movie studio it would be warner bros. I mean who does not like bugs bunny hes like the WB mascot and that wakes their company so famous.Even though kidsWB has turned into a piece of junk cause they take off all though good shows and put on new ones that try to make the channel cool and bad(in a good way that kids usually are like i´m cool and bad)but its doing the same thing that nicktoons tv did(now nicktoons network)it tried to act all cool and stuff didnt WB realize that if they did the same thing they would loose money.but guess what this made the kids WB block even more popular just like nicktoons network.the truth is kids just dont know what there watching these days.

3.20th century Fox

This is another studio I wish I could work with.I know I said that WB is the best but 20th century fox is also a really cool studio and makes alot of good movies like home alone,the sandlot and the simpsons and this did the samething WB did had a great channel for kids called fox kids and now is a horrible channel named 4kidstv maybe it went wrong with kids but not with adults cause most of the movies I watch in theaters are from fox and I enjoy them like the simpsons movie even though I thought it would have been better for fox to make that movie in 1998 or in 97 I know the movie is not retro but its not bad.Fox has like 5 channels already and another studio called fox spotlight.I think the future for fox is going to be really bright.
Before I keep on telling you about more studios I just want to say that im only going to write about one more studio but the rest will be in PT.2 and PT.3.Well back to studios!


Said to be one of the best studios of all time,NOT!(This is my opinion)Im not saying this is a bad studio cause I loved disney as a kid its just that I dont feel that special feeling disney used to give me.When I watched ducktales,tailspin,chip and dale and other shows it felt different cause now disney ruined disneychannel and made disneypixar well maybe we think disney is loosing money with disney pixar cause most of us dont like pixar but there actually winning more money because kids of this time like that and so do some parents.Disney channel is also winning more money than before cause kids like teenager stuff like zoey 101 kids love that stuff why don´t we because we lived in another era and we knew what it was like before but these kids dont cause if they did they wouldnt be watching this stuff.If Walt Disney were still alive Disney would be differnt.

Well tune in next time for more movie studios part 2 will be featuring New line cinema,Paramount,MGM,Sony colombia and maybe even Tristar(maybe)

Well see ya!
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