My Childhood Fears

All the things from when I was younger that caused me to lose a lot of sleep at night
October 06, 2008
After reading an article from another user about his or her scary childhood memories, it got me reminiscing about all the clips from various movies and TV shows that used to scare the bageebers out of me. This usually had to do with the fact that I was young and impressionable and was easily scared, but watching some of the clips now, I realize that they still scare me even today. I'm not really sure why the directors of these shows and movies during the 80s and 90s wanted to scare little kids so much, but it sure as heck worked. So without further adieu, I present to you my childhood fears:

1. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? had some very scary scenes and episodes, as I'm sure we all know. First off, the opening. It has really creepy music and a swing swinging back and forth by itself. Aside from maybe the episode where the guy next door is a werewolf, the episode with Zeebo the clown (Laughing in the Dark) is the scariest episode and it used to give me major nightmares that dealt with clowns.

2. An American Tail the movie had 3 distinct scenes that scared me half to death. First off, you've got the opening where the cats are chasing the mice, except the cats are pitch black with huge white, sharp teeth, and pure evil. Next you've got the waves that crash into the ship. Just watch the scene and you'll know what I mean. Finally there is the Giant Mouse of Minsk that fights off the cats while shooting fireworks. The thing looks like a demon mouse. It's just plain disturbing.

3. Dinosaurs the TV show. Just look at them!

4. The opening song for the TV show Scorch. It's just really spooky.

5. The main troll/bad guy from Ernest Scared Stupid. Okay, I used to watch this movie a lot and it never ceased to scare me, due to the main bad guy. He turned into this huge (though short) troll with a large nose, pimples, spikes coming out of his head, and was really mean. And then in one scene he appears next to a little boy in his bed and turns him into a stone toy! I made sure to check beneath my bed every night for this guy.

6. The opening to DuckTales when Uncle Scrooge jumps into the big pile of gold. You can't swim through gold! You would fall to the bottom and sink and couldn't get out and would die a horrible lonely death! Well that's at least what my brain was thinking. And I got freaked out by that.

7. G'mork from the NeverEnding Story. He's a giant werewolf that has big teeth, has a deep voice, and tells Bastian about The Nothing that is coming to wipe out all of Fantasia. Then he attacks. For all I cared he was the epitome of the devil.

8. The Haunted Mask episode from Goosebumps. I also read the book, but in any case, it was a really scary episode on the TV show as well. Possibly the scariest Goosebumps' episode. The kid has a scary Halloween mask that becomes attached to his face!

9. Hexxus, the oil villain from FernGully the movie. It's hard to describe him but he was really creepy.

10. Along that note of villains from animated movies, Ursula from The Little Mermaid always freaked me out. I think it had to do with her appearance, with those long, black tentacles and big smile. And the scene when she takes Arielle's voice is horrific.

11. The two Ewok adventure movies. There was some scary stuff in those movies, from the Gorax to the thing inside the tree that came out when one of the characters reached their arm inside.

12. The evil dad in Kindergarten Cop. Okay, you have to admit the ending to that movie was really scary, with the rain and the giant antenna and the evil dad.

13. The octopus from the deleted scene of The Goonies. I grew up watching a taped version of the Goonies from TV and it had the octopus scene in it when it aired. So I always got to witness that scene and the octopus as well.

14. The driveway scene at the beginning of E.T. when they go outside to look for the source of the noise.
15. Disney's Fantasia. I saw this movie when I was really young and it looks like the people who made it were on all sorts of hallucinogens at the time.

16. The 1985 version of Godzilla. Just looking at the cover of the VHS tape in the movie store would make me run.

17. Poltergeist the original. I bet you think it's because of the demons, right? Heck no! Remember that old lady?! She was spooky. Admit it.

18. Smaug from the animated Hobbit movie. This dragon tore up the countryside, was enormous, was basically invincible, had a deep voice, would burn everything, and looks super scary thanks to the animators.

19. The dragon scene from Alice in Wonderland (1985) could easily be the number one scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. It's not very long, but I watched it when I was young and I still can barely watch that scene to this day.

20. The Brave Little Toaster scarred me for life. I'm not really even sure what it was, but there are some scary scenes in that movie, like at the automobile junk yard. Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

21. Ghostbusters I and Ghostbusters II. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man = not scary. Demon dogs, Vigo, sewers filled with slime = scary.

22. Tales from the Crypt. The opening would always do it to me. Creepy tour through an old house and then bam! A talking skeleton pops out of a coffin and scares you to death.

23. X-Files. I used to watch X-Files a lot and some episodes were pretty spooky, like the werewolf one for example, not to mention how spooky the theme song was and all those images it had along with it, like the ghost walking down the hallway and the bigfoot foot print and the UFO.

24. Sharptooth from the Land Before Time gave me a fright whenever watching this movie, and I think any kid who has seen it would agree with me.

25. Next there is the entire Blair Witch Project movie. I was somewhat old when first seeing this movie in theatres, but here was the problem; I thought it was actual footage when watching it. I thought it was real! Needless to say I didn't sleep for the next three nights.

26. The Relic. The monster in the movie The Relic, aka the Kothoga monster, is probably the scariest monster ever invented by human minds. Naturally when watching this movie as a kid, I was scared ****less.

27. Labyrinth. Not only was the sheer size of it scary, but so was Bowie, and so were his goblins, and so were all the other creatures in the movie. And the scariest part was empathizing with Jennifer Connelly's character. Imagine if you were babysitting and you lost the kid!

28. The Twilight Zone scene with the alien on the wing of the airplane. This one an obvious choice.

29. The King Kong ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. Yes, this wasn't a movie or TV show, but nevertheless it made me cry. Hysterically. You really felt like you were 30 feet in the air on a tram car in NYC being attacked by a crazy ape named King Kong who was going to kill you and you could literally smell his banana breath.

I could probably keep going but I'll stop there.
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