Shannen Doherty

I learned to say
May 19, 2008
When you're a young child, your mind does not have the complexity grasp concepts such as "favorite actors" or "Fox Thursday night line up". However, there was one concept I was able to grasp during these precious years... Shannen Doherty was my all time favorite person.

The first time I ever saw Shannen was in "Heathers".

My parents had rented it and I was only about four at the time. I just remember bits of it... like when Shannen is sitting in the window sill, or when Wynona takes the red scrunchie out Shannen's hair and puts it in hers. For some reason I thought Heather Duke (Shannen) was ultra cool. Maybe it was because she was brunette like me, or maybe because green was my favorite color at the time.

As I got older I began watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210.

I would like to thank my older cousin Seana for bringing over her VHS tapes and watching them with me. I then realized that Brenda Walsh was played by the same girl that played Heather Duke. Shannen Doherty became my favorite Actress.

At this point I had seen most movies Shannen had major roles in such as Heathers, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Sleeping with the Devil and Mallrats (now-a-days I've seen almost every single movies she's been in).

In 1998, Spelling came out with another drama series with Shannen being a main character. So you already know I was beyond ecstatic. I became addicted to "Charmed".

After Shannen left the series my Charmed watching days were over. One thing didn't end thought... my admiration for Shannen Doherty!

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