Ghostbusters, who else?!

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November 01, 2005
This will always be my favorite movie regardless if they make a third installation or not. Now when i was younger my dad had taped this when it was on TV i believe around 1989, it was on a tape with Charlie Brown's New Years, Winnie the Pooh (A Day for Eeyore), Some classic disney cartoons (Honey Harvest & Out on a Limb, then ghostbusters, and Harry and the Hendersons. With the minor detail of me having little idea of what i was doing about six months ago, i put in a tape that was going to have Dead Poet's Society on it. And you know which tape that was? That's right, the one with ghostbusters. And up to the point of where Dana is trying to seduce Peter, taht part is now gone. The point of this is that Ghostbusters is a movie that i've seen literally a billion times, re-wrote the script, memorized it, and recite it whenever i'm with my girlfriend or just friends. Bill Murray did a fine job on this (at least when he was still doing comedies). When i got this on DVD i watched the commentaries with Harold Ramis, Joe Medjuck, and Ivan Reitman to find out how they pulled off all the stunts done in the movie. I know that alot of people will agree with me on this that a third Ghostbusters just isn't necessary only because having new people do it would completely destroy the entire series. Sure having someone like Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, etc. just woudln't help at all. I can't express enough that this movie set a standard for comedies to live up to until Men in Black came around 13 years later. Because up to that point ghostbusters brought in the most money out of any comedy ever up to that point.
Just to go over a few details of the movie, we find our stars (Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, & Harold Ramis) three unemployed parapsychologists looking for work and believing that there are ghosts out and well in New York City. They rent out an abandoned firehouse and start up their own business. Their first customer Dana Barrett (Sigouney Weaver) happens to have an eccounter with Zuul in her refrigerator Everything is going fine up to the point of where we meet Walter Peck (William Atherton) a man with expectations to put them out of business by complaining that the substances in their basement could have a bad impact on the environment. "Yes it's true your honor, This man has no dick!" Eventually the ghostbusters are thrown into jail where they try to locate the center of disturbance in New York. Next we find them in the mayor's office making up how the city is headed for a disaster of "biblical" proportions. Right now i'd like to give Winston Zeddmore (Ernie Hudson) alot more credit then most people would expect. He was never on either the cover of ghostbusters or ghostbusters 2. He did a fine job with his "These things are real, since i've joined these men i have seen shit that'll turn you white!" speech. Walter Peck will eventually be out of the movie until later on when we meet the stay puft marshmallow man which is the new form of Gozer (the terrifying slovanian model, Slovistka Jovan) "Are you a god?" Ray "No" Gozer "Then....Die!!!" Our friends Dana and Louis (Rick Moranis, the swinging accountant) have been summoned into terror dogs. Once the ghostbusters find a way how to beat zuul "We'll Cross the Streams" they have a slim chance of surviving. Once they reverse the particle flow through the gate they ahve to get their asses out of there before they're covered in marshmallow by the SPMM. Walter Peck got what he deserved by the marshmallow man as well. Eventually Peter and Dana fall in love as not quite with Egon and Janine (Annie Potts)

The second installment of ghostbusters to me was more of a comedy then ghost busting. With the party involving the younger kids and all it didn't have the sense of being scary. Overall this movie gets a 10/10. "WHO YA GONNA CALL!"
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