The Greatest Day of My Life

On one October day, I gained a hero, a hearthrob, and a love for sweets
October 17, 2008
Before my family moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1994, I was born and raised in Buffalo since 1984.

I lived there for 10 years, and I have experienced many things- four Super Bowl losses, countless Sabres victories at the Aud, hot crushe, and developing a taste for great foods that I would grow to love as I got older.

But, as great as all that was, it can't compare to the greatest day of my life- Friday, October 25, 1991.

That day, I had to take a very difficult spelling test, where I had to not only write out the words, but put them in a proper sentence. This was a bit tricky for me at the time, and I wasn't exaclt feeling confident heading into class.

Somehow, things clicked for me that day. I was able to figure out what to use in the right way to write correclty, and I aced the test!

Later, when I went to lunch that day, my sudden good luck kept on rolling. At lunch, they were serving S'Mores, something I had only tried once in my entire life.

After that, I discovered something that was almost gigantic to me.

Growing up in Buffalo, I naturally was a fan of the Sabres. When I got home, before I told my parents about my good grade on the test, I turned on SportsCenter and heard the big news:

My Sabres had traded Pierre Turgeon and three others to the New York Islanders in exchange for two others and someone else.

His name was Pat LaFontaine

I instantly gained a true hockey hero.

While I had admired many Sabres, such as Turgeon, Dave Andreychuk, Phil Housley, and Darren Puppa, I never truly looked at them to the degree of worshipping them.
But in LaFontaine, I finally had what I could call a true hockey hero, someone I could truly admire.

Riding off the emotional high of the news that Lalalalalafontaine was now playing for my team, I told my parents about the 'A' I got on the tets.

We had previously agreed that when I get my first 100% A+ on a test, we would go out to Baskin-Robbins.

Before that, however, I watched some TV- TGIF, to be exact, for we would leave at 9:00 eastern (8:00 central).

I'm sure most of you remember growing up when ABC's TGIF was incredibly popular, with shows like 'Family Matters' and 'Perfect Strangers' and others.

That night, at 8:30, 30 minutes before my family and I were to leave to get the aforementioned ice cream, I watched an episode of a show I had never seen before- 'Step By Step.'

While watching that, I noticed a girl- roughly 15-16ish, portraying the ditzy, yet gorgeous Karen Foster, portrayed by an unknown soom-to-be female heartthrob.

Her name was Angela Christine Watson.

I immediately fell head-over-heels. Finally, I had a fantasy girl to keep me up at night- someone I could always fantasize about in ANY scenario.

Off yet another sensational emotional high, my family and I then went to Baskin-Robbins, where I had quite the ice-cream treat.

No, I didn't order 31 flavors- instead, I got the biggest hot-fudge sundae of my youth.

By the time that was done and we headed home, I was clearly at an all-time emotional high with everything that transpired, and I went to sleep- the first of many, many, MANY dreams of Angie followed.

That day, I gained a heartthrob, a hero, and a permanent sweet tooth- all in ONE DAY!!

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