10 Fun Figures For Your Toybox

Relive your favorite figures!
September 20, 2006
Now, many of us as kids had hundreds of toys. Whether, they were Happy Meal prizes, Christmas/Birthday gifts, or just times you lucked out begging your mom for a few bucks to get that sweet "Powers Of The Force" Boba Fett just calling you to its illustrious packaging, and it's kick ass features.

On to the point, Out of those hundreds of little plastic men/women/animals/mutants, there we're only a few that could proudly say (if they talked) they graced the floors of your bedroom, weapons in hand, in some sort of whacked out crossover/scenario you had in mind.

Im talking about your favorites. The toys you played with no matter what damage, or cool factor held on it. The toys you would find yourself playing with now. I give you the list of my top 10 super fun toys I own.

Sora from The Kingdom Hearts series. I got this one recently. Looks great, spitting image, but what holds it back is articulation. The thing doesn't F'N move! Still, it's good to have if you want to destroy Mario, or Sonic with. Believe me, if Sora keys their cars, They're not going anywhere.

A Pee Wee figure from Matchbox!?! I sense confusion. See, there's a reason he has that arsenal. Pee Wee had the right grip, and size to be compatible with any action feature. Plus we all knew he was a complete bad-ass offscreen. The thought of Pee Wee killing Chewbacca was cool to me. If your still here, let's press on.

Here we go. Optimus Prime, a true 80's legend. Personally, I liked the RID version better. Compared to the cartoon he was a spitting image. Lets not ignore the fact the articulation was great for a toy that turned to a fire engine. Takara just tooked the source material, and ran with it. This was a hell of a way to introduce Transformers to a new fanbase, even though the cartoon blew, but the toys were all that mattered.

Goku from Jakks Dragon Ball Z line. This is the figure that would take a total beating, but won the fight, and got the girl in the end. He had battle scars, and some great movement to act out dramatic bone breaking poses. Plus he had the face for re-enacting KAHMEAMEEHHHAAAAAOWWWCHH!! Plus, it beats the pants off of the original figures. Those things were dog mess.

Another 80's Classic. "Slimed Heroes" Peter Venkman from Kenner. Not only was it a great re-paint, but had a sleek new proton pack, and a slime feature, when dipped in cold water would come up with goo on him. Good stuff, won alot of battles on my floor, because of the proton pack. Definately a personal favorite. Beat it all, he could hunt all the monsters that plagued your carpet. He turned Pikachu to marshmellows in miniutes.

Megaman from the NT Warrior line. Mattel did it right this time. They loaded him with two working weapons, great articulation, inter-chageable hands. Good stuff. The Bandai version looked like deformed mutants, and JazWarez versions were nothing short of things that made me want to gouge my eyes out. he was great, for roughing up Goku, before Goku sent him to computer/robotic hell in a hand-basket.

I'll probably catch smack for this, but I like the newer variants of the turtles. Since Don was my favorite I got him. They came with great weapons, and a great pose. Plus all the turtles have different snears, and not the same ones. Only problem is HE DOESNT HAVE MOVEMENT! It's like playing with an immovable rock. He's practically here, because of looks and scenario battles.

Batman, by the Mattel masters. This one was excellent, had a zipline, perfect for kicking Spiderman off a building into a styrofoam cup full of red Kool-Aid. Now, we need an Adam West variant...One can dream...

Predator from the old 94/95 AVP line. Predators in the toybox served one purpose. To be an antagonist to your toys. Naturally, everyone inthe room kicked his ass back to space. Poor Pee Wee was the only one who never stood a chance. Luckily Goku avenged his death, by beating him senseless. IMAGINATION ROCKS!

Greedo needs no introduction. You didn't get his toy so you could shoot him with Han. you got him, because your Star Wars, Fanboy initiative told you this guy was more of a bad ass than that. So when you open him up, you automatically made some cool storyline like "Greedo vs 3 Sandpeople" or something odd like that. Forget Boba Fett, Greedo is where its at Friends...
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