90's: The Last of the Best.

90's child feeling nostalgic.
December 22, 2007
A friend of mine and I were once talking about the tv shows we used to watch. "Like Ahhh Real Monsters", "Doug", "Raco's Modern Life", and "Ren and Stimpy". Well he was really bored with new games, like most get, so he started playing Pokemon and watching DBZ agin. I laughed at him for a bit, untill I found myself in the same mess. I started playing pokemon agin. The games are fun, just leave out the toys, show, trading cards, and all the rest of the mindless junk. I started to look up the newer Pokemon games, and like all things good in the past, the now-a-days wreak everything for the "retro". Take rap for 1983 to 1996. It was good, it was like a real life thing, about pain, struggle, and fat guys and one dude in really baggy pants having fun in the best way. Now it's Soulja whatever and who's dissing who. Metal music got better, but punk went to crap. Think back till like 1999, everyone was stressing about Y2K, and faxes were going to eat us and toasters were going to fly when the clock's hit 00:00. Y2K turned out to be a good point to start a brand new age of bull, and leaving the ones who didn't want to change in the dust. We were too young then to see how good we had it, sitting in Power Ranger whitty tighies watching the good episodes of Batman, Superman, and The X-Men. Enjoying Cookie Crisp and having a Happy Meal just to get the action figure of our favorite tv show or movie at the time. I don't know about ya'll but I saw Lion King, and Land Before time before they went straight to video. The best thing our Pre-Teen years gave us was Pokemon and DBZ. Waking up early as hell to see the same episode for the 5th time and not caring, and watching Team Rocket do the same intro they always do and laughing when they got blown away. Then getting home the same day, and sitting through some lame arse show to watch DBZ. Dragon Ball Z was some of the best stuff I've ever seen. Then like most good things, it gets really retarded really quick. Dragon Ball was freakin' awesome, then DBZ was good till Buu messed that all up and made GT. Same thing happened to Pokemon when Togapi came in and "gayed". You know what, give me back my shows, my games, and my good times. Viva El Retro. 90's children forever!

Now lets get to some of the crap. First and foremost, the duuhhh dueo Bill and Ted. A rip off of Wayne's World and Back to the Future warped and a big burrito of crap. To enjoy this movie you have to really messed up or really retarded, or both, I don't know how anyone could stand these two. Two we didn't see as crap back then but now we can see it clearly are Windows 95-2000 and dail up internet. Back then they were state of the art till you went to a friends house and they have cable internet then you get home and want to watch a video and get really mad, really quick. Now Windows, remimber playing a state of the art game like Sim City 3000 on Windows 98? I couldn't go an hour and a half without a blue screen of death. Maybe it was my father's crappy computer system he put together, and maybe that's why I build my own now. Either way it was really slow and really crappy. Dail up internet, the buffering, the strange space noises it made, the crappy sites that made up the porn-stuffed cream filling of the internet. Thank you Mr.Gore for both the internet and Globle Warming.

The 90's, there were the good times and bad. We will never forget Bill Clinton and his reign as master pimp of the White House. Nor will we forget about Dave, the Wendy's founder, his warm charm he brought to the fast food world. Here's a thought for you, the best rappers of that time were Eazy E, died of aids, Tupac, shot, Biggy, shot...by Dave cause he stole the name of the fries, and MC Hammer, went really broke really quick. I hope that my fellow childern of the 90's don't get lost in myspace and texting to take a look back on the good days of things when we were little. The world was so big to us and our minds ran wild with a 150 little poket monsters that invaded our lives. Keep your memorys close to you, before they fade out, like Guns and Roses. Hopefully...
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