Remembering my childhood Holidays
March 28, 2011

I am sure many UK readers here remember going to Butlins or Pontins as a child....what was your favourite..Red Coat or Blue Coats? (for our foreign readers Butlins and Pontins were Holiday camps where you stayed in a Caravan or a Chalet

These camps had entertainment, swimming pools, Games, Arcades , Cinemas..etc)

I remember my holidays at Butlins in Pwhelli fondly, this was the place I learnt to row a boat, not throw up after riding a rollercoaster, hold my breath underwater, Play Pinball, Discovered Roadblasters, Watched films at the cinema there which were 15/18 certificates and I was only young)

They had a great indoor swimming pool that had windows that allowed you to see out to the cafe area and the cafe area to see into the swimmers!

We could never get my sister onto the cable cars I think the one time we managed she cried (she also cried when taken onto a Pier - could always make this worse by walking in front of her and jumping up and down, little Brothers are great :) )

The arcade here was great as it had slot machines, games - where I first played games like Road Blasters, Super Hangon and Space Harriers) All at a reasonable price and as the camp was enclosed your parents felt safe enough to let you go off on your own (which as an 8-10 year old was quite a big deal!)

The evenings always had entertainment on, live acts to watch with your parents and competitions and games for the kids.

I used to love these holidays and am grateful for all the fun times I had with my family at these places growing up. Life was much simpler when I was young......

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