Sectaurs - Spidrax Attacks!

A picture synopsis of the first episode of Sectaurs - your favorite bug riding brutes of the 80s!
October 11, 2005

When I was a kid I never caught this show when It originally aired but luckily my buddy had the whole thing on VHS taped off of tv. We would turn this on and play with his Sectaurs Toys for hours on end. This is a run down of the 1st of 5 episodes of this epic miniseries. The story is basic / The good guys-(Shining Realm) are out to defend their village and the map to the ancient hyve against the bad guys -(Dark Realm)

The story starts out with the Sectaur Village being pillaged by the evil Spidrax and his crew but Prince Dargon (blonde), Mantor(beard) and Zak(helmet) will not stand for this! The bugs are back and they're fighting mad in this struggle for survival. Now the mini-series was pretty much a long toy commercial (which 80s toon wasn't) but the story is actually really cool. The toys for this show were successful in their time and when I ask friends if they remember it they almost always remember the cool action figures, and puppeted bug companions. I only have Dargon - Parafly, Zak and Bitaur (his bug companion) kicking around still.

Okay back to the story - After seeing the Sectaur village completely destroyed (which was pretty traumatic for a young kid to see) Prince Dargon and his men head out to kick some "Dark Realm" tail but they have to send their good friend Secor home since he is too young to fight the good fight.

Now Spidrax was one of the cooler villains of the 80s. He was dark, made really cool snarling noises, and really whipped some ass (literally, DEVO would have been proud, a whip was his main weapon).

Now it even get's freakier for the kids. After the Sectaur's get liquored up at the local nectar shack the head out on "the Lake of Blood" in pursuit of Spidrax. They approach the coast and come face to face with "the Web Castle" of Spidrax. Dargon seems worried due the fact that his men are under some sort of Siren's spell.

Dargon finds out that "the Web Widow" playing her "Web Harp" is to blame for his men being put under a spell. She tries to seduce him with her wicked ways but Dargon doesn't give in.

After defeating "the Web Widow" Dargon and his men set out to sneak attack Spidrax and his evil henchmen of doom. The Sectaurs find a "Tunnel Worm" to assist them and the attack is a success but a close call. Spidrax was more than ready and nearly dismounted Prince Dargon from Dragonflyer (his flying bug companion)!

Thankfully Secor, who was turned down for being too young came in at the last second to kick some Dark Domain tail!

This ep. is the perfect opening to a really cool show that really deserves more credit. It ends nice and neutral with both sides fleeing from eachother, and of course the bad guys give the "'I'll get you next time!" speech.
Hope you enjoyed a look back on this classic show - I hope it comes to DVD soon!
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