Top 10 worst shows i've seen

Just 10 shows that I don't like.
July 11, 2007
I decided to do my personal top 10 least favorite shows. These are 10 shows that are so bad, even your TV will be begging for mercy. I'm sorry that I not using any pictures but this is my first article, but now, lets start the list.

10. Squirrel Boy

In my opinion, Squirrel Boy makes My Gym Partner's a Monkey look like a masterpeice,all the characters are ugly, the theme song is so bad, Andy's head is shaped like a bean, and the jokes are retarded. Also, the animation is horrible, which is why this is ranked #10 on this countdown.

9.Winx Club

This is one cruddy girly show, it just sucks, also, to make it even worse, 4Kidz is dubbing it. Everyone looks like butterflys to me, and it has to be dubbed by the greediest company ever, which is why this is ranked #9 on this countdown.

8. Robot Boy

Now this is a bad show, i'm glad it was canceled(or at least I think it was),I heard it once won an award for best CN show, come on, Ed Edd n' Eddy and Fosters deserve it more. The animation and plots are bland, and it's a ripoff of My Life as a Teenage Robot, which is why its ranked #8 on this countdown.

7. Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

Out of all the Spongebob wannabees, this one is the worst IMO. The animation sucks, the characters are dumb, and Coconut Fred is so creepy looking, he can give you nightmares. Johnny Test is better than this and I hate Johnny Test, which is why this is ranked #7 on this countdown.

6. Bratz

Another bad girly show, and beleive it or not, this show is also dubbed by 4Kidz. I hear there's a movie coming out, how did it get a movie? 4Kidz is definately a greedy company for that, which is why this is ranked #6 on this countdown.
5. Barbie

We go from one bad girly show to another, at least 4Kidz isn't dubbing, but it's still terrible. I never met anyone who likes this show, it's just a plastic doll, she's way too girly, which is why this is ranked #5 on this countdown.

4. Barney

Now we all used to like Barney right, well now we know better, this dinosaur should've died with the other dinosaurs. How old are the kids in this show anyway? The most annoying thing is Barney's voice, which is why this is ranked #4 on this countdown.

3. The Naked Brothers Band

This band sucks, they don't have any singing talent, i'd rather listen to Green Day and I hate Green Day. If I wanted to watch a show about people singing, I would watch Hannah Montana or Class of 3000, at least they can sing, which is why this is Ranked #3 on this countdown.

2. Teletubbies and Boobah(tie)

These are 2 bad shows. Teletubbies has these kids walking around doing nothing like they're dumb, and Boobah has these ugly, scary furballs dancing around like idiots. These shows should be banned and replaced by Thomas the Tank Enguine, which is why these are ranked #2 on this countdown.

So, do you want to guess my least favorite show?
Reader: Is it My Gym Partner's a Monkey?
Me: Nope.
Reader: Is it Catscratch?
Me: Nope.
Here it is.


Have everything bad about Coconut Fred and make it 10 times worse, Mr. Meaty is the worst show ever. I never bothered to watch it because I knew it was going to suck, but the commercials still haunt me. Also, they use puppets, kinda like the the muppets, the only difference is that the muppets were cool and made with care, these puppets look like they had to be made at the last second. This show should be banned and be replaced with a show like Hey Arnold! or Rocko's Modern Life, at least those shows are worth watching, which is why this ranked #1 on this countdown.

Thank you for reading.
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