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The most memorable computer games of my childhood.
August 05, 2008
One day when I was in Kindergarten, it was recess time and it was rainning. As usual on rainny days we had to stay inside for recess. On that day my teacher had us go to the back of the room and she showed us a very unique computer game called "Putt Putt Saves The Zoo", which was an educational adventure game created by the software company Humongous Entertainment.

Humongous Entertainment was founded in 1992 by the Company's CEO Shelley Day and the Creative Director Ron Gillert. The company is best known for it's educational, adventure, and sports games which all featured the point and click with mouse control. They have made several game series which include: Putt Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Junior Field Trips, and Fatty Bear all for ages 3-8; and Spy Fox and the Backyard Sports for ages 5-10. The company has also made educational games for young children featuring the Big Thinkers and Blues Clues characters.

From age 5-12 I really enjoyed playing these games. I thought they included a lot of creativity, and good strategy that you use when you are young and just getting used to video games. I stopped playing some of them by the time I was ending my years of Elementary school, the others I stopped playing at about 7th grade, but I never have gotten rid of any of them yet. Their still in my old CD Rom Rack.

Now, I'm going to talk about the games released by the company, and my opinions on them. I will also mention the games made for those series, but will keep the descriptions short.


The Putt-Putt games were about a young purple car who lived in a world of talking cars and other vehicles. He lived in a small garage and owned a puppy he called Pep. As I mentioned above; Putt-Putt was the first Humongous Entertainment game series I ever played in Kindergarten.

Their were 7 adventure games released in the Putt-Putt series. The games include: Putt-Putt Joins to the Parade, Putt-Putt Goes To The Moon, Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, Putt-Putt Enters The Race, Putt Joins The Circus, and Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise.

Their were also 2 arcade games Putt-Putt was featured in which include: Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon O Rama, and Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog On A Stick.

Finally Putt-Putt appeared in 3 Activity Games which include: Putt Putt's One Stop Fun Shop, Putt-Putt's Fun Pack, and together he appeared with Fatty Bear in "Putt Putt and Fatty Bear Activity Pack".

The Putt-Putt games were probably the ones I played the most. This is one of the series I played until I was 5th grade Unlike the other games, the Putt-Putt ones were probably the least challenging, and I thought they really had a lot of heart in their concepts. How can you not like the idea of a talking car doing all sorts of things a human would do except that he gets gas on his own and eats cereal with oil. The only games I never played were "Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog On A Stick", and "Putt and Pep's Birthday Surprise. My reason for the birthday on being that when that game came out it was for ages 3-6. Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog On A Stick was never available at my libraries and I just forgot to buy it.

Freddi Fish and Luther

The Freddi Fish and Luther games were about two young fish names Freddi and Luther who lived together in the sea, and helped solve mysteries in the different towns they visited from the robbery of hog fish in the wild west, to the apperance of a ghost at a local school house. I first played Freddi Fish from renting the games at my local library the year after I first got into Putt-Putt.
Their were 6 adventure games released featuring Freddi Fish including: "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds", "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Haunted Schoolhouse", "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Stolen Conch Shell", "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Hogfish Rustlers Of Briny Gulch", and "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Creature Of Coral Cove.

Their were 2 arcade games released for the seires called "Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries", and "Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness". Unfortunatley I have played neither one.

Finally their was one activity game released called "Freddi Fish's One Stop Shop", which I never really rented that much from my library.

The Freddi Fish and Luther games were also some of my personal favorites. I liked the idea of fish living in an underwater world similar to that of a Human World. One neat feature of the games were alot of the songs featured mostly in "Freddi Fish and The Case Of The Haunted School House", and "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Hogfish Rustlers Of Briny Gulch". Just like with Putt-Putt I stopped playing Freddi Fish by about the end of Elementary School. Luckily I got a chance to rent the last adventure game "Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Creature Of Coral Cove", from my library.

Pajama Sam

The Pajama Sam games were about a young blue kid named Sam, who had a lot of interest in a comic book super hero named Pajama Man. In each game Sam would go on a mission into these odd lands that were supposed to be his closet, his attic, and the inside of himself. I first got into these game the same year I got into Freddi Fish which was first grade.

The Pajama Sam series did not have as many releases as Freddi Fish and Putt Putt. Their were 4 adventure games released including: "Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside", "Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening", "Pajama STam: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet", and "Pajama Sam: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff".

Pajama Sam was featured in 2 arcade games including: "Pajama Sam's Sock Works", and Pajama Sam's Lost and Found.

Finally Pajama Sam had two activity games including: "Pajama Sam's One Stop Fun Shop" and "Pajama Sam: Games To Play On Any Day".

Pajama Sam probably falls in between Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish as my second personal favorite, but I played "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside" and "You Are What You Eat from Your Head To Your Feet" more than "Thunder And Lightning Aren't So Frightening" and "Lost An Found". "Socks Works" and "Games To Play On Any Day" I never played because I didn't know about them and didn't buy them; and by the time "Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff" came out when I was too old to play the games. Each game featured talking inanimable objects(objects that don't talk or move) which I thought had a lot of heart, and Sam was a very clever character who could actually save the day with his brave mind.

Junior Field Trips

This was a very short lived series by HUmongous Entertainment. There were three games released called: "Lets Visit The Airport", "Let's Visit The Farm", and "Lets Vist The Jungle". Each one featured a funny little blue firefly named Buzzy The Knowledge Bug and in each game would let you explore the the different aspects of what a farm and airport look like, and what the Jungles of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia look like. They featured encyclopedia's with other pages of facts. These were all released in 1995, and the memories I have of all three of them was renting a three pack that included all three games from the library.

Fatty Bear
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