Final Fight and Felix.

Travel back to the past as the Final Fight games and Felix are brought into the light.
December 18, 2008
Okay so it's been awhile since I worked on a new article and with time I learned to become more informative and literate, sort of.

We all know that the most popular beat'em up game other than Double Dragon is of course Final Fight.
It was your standard two player beat'em up arcade game. The story is that the mad gear gang has kidnap Jessica (Cody's girlfriend) and you fight across different areas, defeating different bosses, and of course reaching the end. The main protagonists are Cody, Guy, and Mike Haggar each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Cody is the medium character, Guy is fast, and Mike well he's your basic Mayor wrestler.

The second one in the series has the Mad Gear gang returning to their former glory and getting revenge by kidnapping Guy's girlfriend and Sensei.
Mike Haggar returns to the series. With the second and third characters you get Maki the sister of Rena, and Carlos a house guest. The game plays mainly like the first which isn't a bad thing and it will make veteran fans of the series fell right at home.
The enemies are your basic thugs and returning is Andore along with his cousins or something like that.

The third in the series had four characters and a new gang. The characters returning are Mike Haggar (not lying), and Guy. New to the game are Lucia and Dean who play like Cody and Maki. You can run in this game which is a nice feature but you will miss the enemies some of time. I don't know much about this one unfortunately

Of course the game had some controversy with two of the characters, Poison and Roxy if you know good for you, if you don't you will be shocked.

2 & 3 were released on the Super Nintendo continuing on the Final Fight game mechanics.
There was also a cute little miniature version called Mighty Final Fight, pretty good game if you ask me.

I almost forgot about the bonus stage with the car and the glass, my bad.

Pro's and Cons in my opinion

One of the main reasons I love to play Final Fight is that it's just addicting, you really want to complete the game and see the ending. Two players makes the game more enjoyable and it makes it a little easier. The music is a definite, since the soundtrack will be repeating in your mind long after you play the game.

With most beat'em up games it can get kind of repetitious but it won't become too repetitive, and this is common so no points taken off.

Felix the cat the wonderful wonderful cat whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks. What? I love Felix the cat

Believe or not there was a game for the NES and guess what? It doesn't suck I kid you not it's a good game.

The basic plot is simple, Kitty: Felix's girlfriend has been kidnapped be the Mad Professor who wants the bag of tricks for himself.

Felix has his bag of tricks to aid him throughout his adventure, you collect little Felix heads that will give you milk to restore your magic and give you another power. You get a magician power, a car and a tank for the land stages. They're also air stages and depending on what magic power you have you can use it to get across. You have hearts that will go down due to time but they don't go fast so chances are you'll get some milk to restore your energy.
The other types are swimming and boat which are on sea.
Your health depends on which power you have every time you get hit you go down to the previous magic but don't fear the game is not that difficult. They're nine worlds that can differ from another, from one you can either be on land, sea or air.

They're also big bags that will transport you into this little room where you collect Felix power to upgrade or restore your energy. Be sure to pay attention to the clouds cause they will you give you extra points and life.

At the end of each world you enter another big bag that will lead you the boss. It's your basic don't get hit and return fire, as I said before the game is easy.

Reason why I love Felix the cat, creative enough said. The magical bag of tricks is creative cause there is always something new, but with this game once you reach the last power that's it nothing more. The difficulty I won't complain about cause this is one of those games were you can lay back and take a break from hardcore games.

This was more of a review than anything, which I apologize if you were expecting something groundbreaking. As for the lack of Felix pictures not much to find.

So enjoy and stay tuned cause you never know what I'm going to bring back from the past.

Happy Holidays too.
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