A Nightmare and A Dream

This is not an article about something retro...It's a story I've made up.
February 12, 2008
A Nightmare and A Dream and Other Stuff

By Timothy Robert "Tim Box" McKenzie

Alright, Settle Down. First, I'll tell you a story of my made-up not-so-scary nightmare, and my made-up dream. First, if I have a not-so-scariest nightmare, mine will be like this...

I was walking out of school one day, when suddenly...I was zapped to Mandark's fortress in the dark land of Astronoma (pronnucation: as-tro-no-ma). And there he is...wearing a villainous black and red caped supervillain outfit with tights and a black and red cape...just like the one he is wearing in Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip:

I panicked at first, but then...I retaliated with my magic, enchanted, and mighty sword with great magical powers called The Sword of the Phoenix. Mandark, convinced that he'll be slain with my mighty sword, flaps his huge black and red cape and KABOOM!!! With the saying of "You'll pay the price for this with all the powers of HELL!!!," He turns into a 25 or 30 feet tall at the hips, 50 or 60 feet long from nose to tail, dinosaur-like creature called The Mandarker.

He swipes at me with his huge dinosaur-like paw like this...

Yep, The Mandarker resembles Ricardo Delgado's Godzilla he did for Jan DeBont's unmade Godzilla movie. I ducked from the Mandarker's paws. I battled the Mandarker, dodging the Mandarker's attacks. He then swipe at me with his claw and then his huge tail, like this...

I was knocked down by the Mandarker's tail and fell to the ground like a huge tree. Then, the Mandarker grabs me with his clawed hand like a doll; He bursts through Mandark's fortress, left Astronoma in powerful strides and starts terrorizing the capital city of the dinosaur land of Reptaria (pronouncation: rep-tar-e-a), Pangaea.

The Mandarker almost destroys some parts of Panagaea and then, The Mandarker dragged me and climb the tallest building he could ever climb, The Pangaea State Building.

When the Mandarker reaches the top of the Pangaea State Building, he roars to the whole wide world! I snapped out of it, and with a burst of strength, rips free of the Mandarker's hand and then the Mandarker and I battle for the last time, 'til I stabbed the Mandarker in the chest with the mighty sword.

The Mandarker roars in pain and fall off the Pangaea State Building, dragging me with him with his clawed hand. We fell and fell and fell and fell and fell...then...CRASH!!!!!!!

I woke up from my sleep, thinking it was a wierd but not so scariest nightmare!!! But...If I have a dream, one will be like this...

I was arriving in the capital city of the dinosaur land of Reptaria, Pangaea, searching for love to go with my story, riding through the urban concrete jungle with my trusty steed, a Ferrucutus (which is a dinosaur from the World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island and from the 2005 remake of King Kong) named Styrack.

A robot security guard stops me by saying, "Unauthorized Walking. Identify Yourself." I told him that my name is Dexter Andrew Zarus. The security robot told me to state my location of origing, so I answered with Reptaria. "What are you think you're doing today?" said the Security Robot.

I told him, "I need love to go with the story." The Security Robot answered, "Well, human, the love that you seek is located in a building called Maverick's, which is operated at this moment by a man named Mr. Maverick, whose full name is Mr. John Thomas Maverick. So, off you go!" So, Styrack and I took off, reaching to Maverick's just in time. When I reached the office of Number 12, aka Teenage Dexter, he refers to himself as Andrew Quintus. Then, Mr. Maverick's voice came bursting in from Number 12's computer.

It sounded like Mandark's and He is truly Mr. Maverick, aka Executive Mandark from Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip. "Hello, friend," he said. "Welcome to Maverick's. What is your mission?" I told him, "I need to find love to go with the story." Mr. Maverick replied, "Well, the love that you seek is located in my swimming pool, scrubbing my feet. Her name is Rita and she's a brunette, just like me. And Number 12, you will fall for a blonde named Sarah, who is also scrubbing my feet for now. You three are invited."

Especially my horned dinosaur friend, Styrack. When all 3 of us arrived, those girlies who give Mr. Maverick, aka CEO Mandark, a bath, are the most beautiful, hottest, and prettiest sweeties I have ever seen, the first two important females of my kind I have ever encountered. Awwww.

Awww. Look at them, they're my prettiest and beautiful girlies, Sarah the blonde, and Rita the brunette. I rushed to Rita's side. I kissed her. Awww.

She likes me so much, that she hugs and kisses me lik she was my mom. She just hold me in her arms for a so very much long time. Well, Me, Rita, Sarah, and Andrew Quintus fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Boy, I was smiling in that dream. Well, anyway, I'll show you that picture again just like I did last time in Traditional To Digital:

This is A made up picture featuring me, that is Timothy Robert "Tim Box" McKenzie, and 3 characters from the 1995 Don Bluth film, The Pebble and the Penguin, Hubie, Marina and Rocko (three of which that I thought to be my made up supporting parents of the McKenzie Family, and babysitters, bodyguards, and consciences of me and my brothers, Billy Stuart McKenzie and Scott Martin McKenzie.) They would have raise me for my parents ever since me, Billy and Scott were born, and one of them (Marina, Hubie's girlfriend), could have been my maid conscience and teacher, especially, from Preschool to High School and one of my two moms (or I'll also call her Mama Bird.) and could have save me from being Raptor Lunch (I'm talkin' about the Raptors from Jurassic Park) by turning herself into a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex, perhaps) and battles the raptors, especially when I got lost in the woods when I was little with Marina, the Police and my Dad, Doug McKenzie, comin' after me. Yep. Those 3 Penguins, My family and I are one happy family.

Wanna See Marina, the Mama Bird that along with Hubie and Rocko could have raise me and my brothers? Go ahead. See it.

Well, Marina, aka Mama Bird, along with Hubie and Rocko, could have raise me and my brothers since I was born.

Do you know that humans evolved from apes and birds evolved from dinosaurs? Well, I'll tell ya.

An ape or monkey such as a Chimpanzee = Humans such as me.

In Addition, A Dinosaur such as Tearak the Troodon + the dinosaur's missing link, Archaeopteryx = Birds such as Marina from Pebble and the Penguin, aka Mama Bird.

Here's a picture of Tearak the Troodon in front of my beautiful and pretty girlies who scrubs Mandark's Feet:

Here's a picture of Tearak the Troodon himself:

And finally here's a pic of 3 V-Rexes, or T-Rexes as you'll also called them, from the book, The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island:

Well, That's it for now. Happy Valentine's Day, folks!!!

This article is from and is written by

Timothy Robert "Tim Box" McKenzie
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