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May 05, 2011
Note: My english may look flawed, because i am not from an english speaking country.

As a little kid, i loved videogames, the first videogame that i played was Forumla One 99 on PC.

Since that i didn't bothered what kind of game i was playing, i never really asked to my brother to "make me play another game", i was always playing Formunla One 99, my brother usually played an FPS like Duke Nukem 3d or Blood.

Once, he made me play Duke Nukem 3D, i was blown away, i just loved the gameplay, the badass music, the badass character and the scary creatures.

After playing Duke Nukem 3D, i wanted to play more games like this and obviously, many of these games where gory and violent but i wasn't scared or shocked and i didn't become a homicidal maniac (I am looking to you, Jack Thompson).

In this article, i am going to pick 10 of what i consider the best violent videogames that i played.

10) Dylan Dog: Gli Uccisori (1992)
Based on the Italian comic book written by Tiziano Sclavi.
Since that i am a fan of Dylan Dog, i was pretty curious to play this game, there are other Dylan Dog games, but this one is the most notorious (and the one that offers more graphic violence)
The game is not a masterpiece, but not even a bad one.
Basically, you are trapped in a mansion with a lot of homicidal maniacs, kill for survive and solve the puzzles for get out alive.

9) Mortal Kombat (the whole franchise)
What i need to say about Mortal Kombat ?
It's a kick-ass fighting game with blood and gore.
The first MK game that i played was MK4, on the PSONE, i thought that it was very fun to play.

The original game rules too, it's a classic of virtual violence.

8) Postal 2 (2003)

"Falling Down: the videogame"
You are some random guy, having bad days and doing your everyday tasks, for example:
You are in a bank, while waiting for your turn in a very long line, you can 1) just wait for your turn 2) get your gun, kill everybody and get the cash by yourself !

Some of the weapons are pretty creative: Throwing scissors and rotten cow heads that makes people puke and die.

Looks like that Postal 2 is banned in New Zealand and Australia.

7) Carmageddon (1997)

It's a racing game, it was controversial because you could ran over pedestrians and kill them in a gory mess.
With the "credits" that you get, you can buy upgrades for your car and fix your car while racing.

6) Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999)

Probably, my favorite of the GTA franchise, i played it for the first time on the Playstation.
My favorite "feature" was the fact that you could steal a car, go around the city and cause any kind of mess.
I thought that it was a mix of Carmageddon and a random action game.

A few years later, my brother bought GTA 3, i thought that it was cool and better than GTA 2 (i had the same opinion on GTA: Vice City), but later GTA: San Andreas came out and i thought that it was the best of them all, but it can't beat GTA 2 because of the nostalgia values that it has on me.

5) Soldier of fortune (2000)

I saw some pictures of this game on a magazine and this game looked awesome.
Unfortunately i couldn't play the demo, because my old family computer sucked, i lost interest on the game and it vanished from my memory.

In 2005, the SAME magazine where i saw the pictures of SoF had the full game included.

When i was installing the game, there was a warning saying that this game contains extreme realistic gore (you can turn off the gore effects if you have a weak stomach), to my surprise, SoF was actually very violent: you can blown off a leg/arm with a shotgun, butcher someone with a knife and more....

4) Thrill Kill (unrealeased)

EA games thought that the game was too violent for beign realeased.
Thrill Kill is a violent fighting game, with "finishing moves" that resembles of the fatalities of Mortal Kombat.
It's avaliable through downloads and bootleg copies, if you have an emulator (or a modified Playstation) you can play it.

3) Wolfenstein 3d
A classic in the FPS genre, need to say more ?

2) Blood
Lots of blood and guts !
Blood is an awesome game, with lots of cool weapons (from firearms and even some magical weapons !), scary enemies (zombies, gargoyles, crazy cult fanatics and other things that want to play with you !) and many pop culture refferences.

1) Duke Nukem 3D/Shadow Warrior
I can't choose just one game, both of them are awesome and they are pretty similiar and both games use the same engine.

I played Duke Nukem 3D and i loved it, the gameplay was fantastic and full of surprises, but most important: IT'S FUN TO PLAY !

My brother found the Shareware version of Shadow Warrior in a CD full of demos and shareware games, i had no idea of what kind of game i was going to play, but i will never forget when i heard "Lo Wang" screaming...."YOU DON'T MESS WITH LO WANG !" and the music was just badass.
When i started playing i said to myself "hey, it looks like Duke Nukem !".
Probably, Shadow Warrior is gorier than Duke Nukem 3d, but the gameplay is very similiar to Duke Nukem 3D.

Honorable mentions: Fallout and the sequels, Max Payne and his sequel, Resident Evil (the whole franchise), Alien Vs Predator (all the games), Rise of the Triad, Manhunt and his sequel.

Hope you enjoyed my article.
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