What I grew up on

Memories of the 1980's and early 1990's
February 26, 2007
Skate boards, dinosauers, unicorns, spandex, neon colors, my little pony, early morning TV and Jem...memories of the 1980's and early 1990's

Today the wonderful shows of yesteryear can once again be accsessed on Youtube and a whole host of other sites, but back before the internet, when computers where just big boxes with green and black screens and no mouse and game systems like Nintendo where its its earliest forms of creation, I started watching TV.

Televison seemed different back then. More innocent. It was the time of the Saturday morning line up, cartoon blocks and a little later Nick Jr. Most of my found memories come from the 1985-1990 schedules.

Saturday mornings for me meant Garfield and friends, I loved that show, and PeeWee's Playhouse. I would get up at the crack of dawn to watch TV, and stay in front of it until about 10 or 11 am. There was also a show called Calliope which was part of the USA lineup, and other cartoons which have slipped from my mind now. I remember some very old Nick shows, including Tin Tin and The Lost Cities of Gold.

There was a whole host of shows about Dinosauers in the late 80's/early 90's, started by one of my favorite animated movies of the era, The land before time.
On weekdays, I remember watching Jem, Alvin and the chipmunks ( bad show), Denver the Last Dinosauer ( Bad show), My little ponies ( the 1986-1990 version) The Cartoon express on USA with all of the Hanna Barbera characters and the Smurfs, I absolutely loved Heman and She-ra and used to watch this in the afternoons on USA. I remember I was absolutely nuts about Inspector Gadget on Nickolodian and used to watch the Looney Tunes right after. I loved Scooby-doo. I remember some great Nick Game shows that came on in the evenings including Double Dare and Fun House.

Pretty much after 1988/89 I was in school, so unless I was sick/school holiday I did not seen the weekday programing. I remember when I was sick, I would stay home and watch Nick JR, I would sit home in front of the TV and watch shows like Maya the Bee, David the Gnome, Nuzzles, The Elephant Show, a fairy tale show which as slipped my memory of its name, and Eurekas Castle, which came a little later.

Toys of the era where also great. I was not a big fan of Barbie dolls and old had a few, I was a huge fan of My Little Pony and had gazillions of them, I was absolutelty estatic when I got the pink my little pony dream castle. I also remember Fairy tales, I remember I saw a commerical for them on TV, but I never got one :(. I also remember Keypers, the plastic animals that you can put treasures in. I remember seeing an ad for them on TV then asking my parents to get me one. I wanted the cat, my dad got me a turtle, much to my disappointment. I also remember Pound puppies, Rainbow brite and Care Bears.

Clothing of the era as spadex, spandex and more spandex in neon colors. I remember wearing tight leggings, glow in the dark sneakers ( these were SOOOO cool) and mine were pink, and an oversized teeshirt with one of those silly teeshirt clips. I remember some of the fads too. Neon colors were huge in this era. I remember Crayola markers even came out with a set of them in colors like electric blue, neon green, shocking pink , neon yellow and....well you get the picture. These colors perimiated everything from clothing, to accsessories and products.

And the lunches of the era....I had a my little pony lunch box, with a matching thermos, and later to my dismay I had a barbie lunch box with her and the barbie girls playing in a rock and roll band....everyone played in a rock and roll band, even Jem, Barbie....even Denver the Last Dinosauer. And what was in the lunches...the best thing was fruit snacks, I remember there used to be a whole aisle devoted to them at the supermarket...I remember Shark Snacks...I remember eating the ones I liked and them trading them for stickers. Stickers were HUGE when I was in my early years of elementary school, everyone had thier book of stickers and we used to trade, I used to trade the yucky grape and orange Shark Snacks for cool stickers. There were so many cool stickers back then.

This is all I can remember in this short amount of time, more recollections will come later...
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