Top 10 old school RPGs

A list of some of the best role playing adventures to hit the gaming world.
May 20, 2008
Role playing games, the concept can go as far back as kids role playing there knights fighting dragons in there back yards. It can even go as early as board games like dungeons and dragons. Which actually gave you a playable environment for you and your freinds pretending to be knights and wizards in some mystical far off land. But when the concept finally hit the world of video games it gave a new look on role playing. Since it now left very little to the imagination and left you with many more surprises. Yes RPGs are a genre that sure has left its impact on the world of gaming. So in honer of RPGs in general I have created a list of some of the best RPGs to leave there impact on the world.

Sorry, only one game per franchise.

#10 Super Mario RPG

Legend of the Seven Stars

Maybe it was because I was short on candidates, but ether way taking the plumber we all know and love and throwing him to an RPG adventure was probably one of the best ideas since his 3rd platform installment. With the combined efforts of Nintendo and squaresoft such a thing was made possible. Its everything we loved about Mario and much much more in a satisfying RPG experience. In my opinion out of all the Mario spin offs out there, this is by far one of the best.

#9 Dragon Warrior 4

(AKA Dragon Quest 4)

One of last great RPGs to hit the NES as well as one of the finest titles in the dragon quest series. dragon warrior 4 as it was called for a while, introduced many new elements and features to an already familiar genre of games. Not only did it tell the story through a 5 part chapter system, but it also became the first game to imply the tactics system to the series. This allowed you to provide strategies to your party members while maintaining full control of your hero. Theres even several remakes that have never set foot outside of japan, what a shame considering how hard it is to find a copy of 4.

#8 Shining Force

As a spin of to the 1991 genesis title shining in the darkness. What shining force did that no other RPG at the time did was imply real time strategy into an RPG style system. You controlled various characters across a grid style map. Each character had a different class and set of abilities. You'd go into one on one battle with each individual character and enemy. This was a creative battle system that to this day can be found in many other games such as fire emblem and final fantasy tactics.

#7 Earthbound

(AKA Mother 2)

If there was one RPG that should go down in history for shear creativity its earthbound. Taking everything from the conventional RPG and mixing it up with modern day everything. Instead of a knight in a mystical land you were just a kid living in his home town, swords were now baseball bats, gold was now dollars, magic spells were psychic powers, and goblin, dragons, and wizards, were now stop signs, cars, flying saucers, robots, and wild animals. This in by far one of the most creative franchises Nintendo's ever come out with right under Pokemon and legend of Zelda, and is also one that needs more recognition.

#6 Lunar: The Silver Star

Though the Sega CD was best known for its crappy FMV games, there were a few good exceptions that showed off what CD gaming could really do. lunar the silver star is a good example. With a layout similar to final fantasy, anime style cut scenes, CD quality music and sound effects, and gordius CD style graphics makes Lunar not only a pioneer in CD gaming but a memorable part of the early RPG genre.
#5 Secret of Mana

SquareSoft once again proves there the king of all RPGs by making Secret of Mana. What made this game so special was that it through away the turn based battle system found in most RPGs and replaced it with a hack n slash battle system. This was an exciting new twist for most RPGs at the time considering it saved room for more fast paced action. That and you could play with up to 3 other people. The Mana series would also become squaresoft's most treasured franchises next to final fantasy.

#4 Phantasy Star 2

In the end choosing a phantasy star game to represent was also a challenge. But in the end I think we can all agree that 2 is the peak of the series. Taking place many generations after the events of the first game, this installment improved over the aspects that made the first phantasy star so enjoyable. As well as adding some new things. Maybe it was the Scifi style environment or The enhanced difficulty for any RPG but phantasy star is considered one of the most memorable franchises segas ever made.

#3 Final Fantasy 3

(AKA Final Fantasy 6)

Considered by most to be the peak of the series. Final fantasy 3 helped introduce new battle styles, interchangeable characters, spells that everyone could learn, having to make quick second decisions, as well as a steampunk style environment mixed with fantasy and magic. The game itself also has a very diverse plot and a sound track like no other. Yes final fantasy 3 is almost good enough to make first place, but at least it made the top 3.

#2 Chrono Trigger

Not only did it push the SNES hardware to its limit with a whopping 32 megabit cartridge. But also had a exiting time traveling story with over the hed visual effects, and what decisions you make in the past can have effects in the future events in this game. While the battle system isnt anything we havent seen before its still the game itself is still awesome experience and remains to this day a cult classic.


(I feel I should warn you that my next choice could cause injury and death for some people. Now im not saying you have to agree with me on my number one choice but I have really good reason for choosing this next one as number one, you've been warned.)

So for my number one choice I bring you.

#1 Diablo

If theres one RPG that took the world by storm it would have to be Diablo. Though its not best remembered for its storyline it did things most other RPG didnt before. Replacing the turn based battle system with hack n slash gameplay and placing you against 50 or so enemys at once. Also when you leveled up you could actually chose what stats to level up. Plus there was the fact that the dungeons were randomised each time you started a new game making each experiance unique. Then there was the dark and creepy atmosphere that got more twisted and hellish as you worked you way down into the catacombs to diablo himself. Plus you could play by yourself or with a group of friends online, and that is enough to make diablo one of the greatest RPGs of all time.
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