The Pokemon Gold/Silver Reign

the endless hours of playing pokemon gold/silver version
June 19, 2008
it was my absolute euphoria throughout the good years.
and I will always keep a special place for it in my heart.

The story of my incomparable relationship with this game probably begins somewhere in early 2000. I was around 7 years old at the time and eager for my first video game [we weren't that well off]. Me and my pops were rummaging through my older friend's yard sale, when it caught my eye. a fully FUNCTIONAL gameboy color[the little purple see through ones].

I freaked out and rite away started to beg my old man for one. we settled for a good price and my buddy threw in a free pokemon silver version with it [for a not too shabby price]. so hell....i was happy.

by the time, i was already a huge pokemon other kiddos my age at the time. so i went straight home and worked it out....learned the ropes.....and soon enough i WORSHIPED the thing....

i still remember the first time I chose my first pokemon at the professor's office. i remember choosing chikarita [some green pokemon] and soon enough regretting it when i found out about the fire pokemon [cyndaquil] if you guys remember.

after many months of playing this game i soon became the master at this. i was the pokemon guru of my block taught by many other pokemon gurus. I knew every twist and turn of this game, every glitch every cheat every single valuable object's location in the game. [my favorite glitch of all is the cloning pokemon glitch which i kicked some major ass by using it]. i also remember hooking up my gameboy to my friend's and battling or trading pokemon. one of the most ingenious features that the japanese nintendo ninjas included. Sadly i had a few unfortunate incidents in which i turned off the game or dropped the game boy while saving, which resulted in hell..... LOST GAME DATA!!! my worst nightmare
i most likely cried or threw a temper tantrum if i ever turned on my game to discover that my saved game had been erased ..

i still remember the first time this happened.... i was THIS close to beating it...what a shame.
well after touring and beating the entire map of pokemon gold or silver which was pretty large for a gameboy color game

i was finally at the last stage, where you oddly had to battle a dude named red, which me and my friends figured was supposed to be ash from the pokemon tv show.

he wasn't a match for my year of experience. soon enough the game was over and i was feeling as accomplished as a 7 year old could feel. of course i went back and got all the cool stuff that i missed on the way, including lugia an ho-oh... :]

sadly, after beating this game countless of times with my elite team of pokemon [which i still don't remember how i got some of them] , all my work abruptly ended when i let some spoiled kid borrow never to receive it back. he said he lost it or something. so if you guys ever see some spoiled kid with a pokemon silver version, tell him i want it back.

well that's all folks. thanks for reading my article. i hope you enjoyed it and remember

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