a few good films that changed my life

my first article and it's really awsome ...
March 19, 2013
yes have finally made an article i'd decided to making it short and sweet so with out thurhter ado here my five good films of all time.

5.rise of the guardians(2012)

the first movie on list is the rise of the gaurdains,oh yeah these guys kick-ass with santa clause,the easter bunny,the tooth fairy,the sandman and most of all jack frost and together to join forces to stop the evil boogeyman,since it's like the avengers but with all of our memmorable hoilday icons together,anywho let's move on.

4.a fairly odd movie:grow up timmy turner(2011)

yeah don't getting me wrong,putting this on the list,but many fans of the show would'nt like this film,because of the characters that where in movie like timmy turner,vicky,timmy's parents,cosmo & wanda and mostly everybody,yeah for turning the fairly odd parents into a live-action movie wasn't really a bad idea,and as for film's villain ,magneate well he was just an oil tycoonist,oh don't beviled they just made a second one for christmas.

3.princess and the frog(2009)

yes it's a dream coming true,the princess and frog is a true disney classic we would remeber,and yeah disney should stick with making tradional animaed films then making crappy computer-animated films,
and the shadow man was probably one of the classic disney villains
ever,oh and they got a new princess to their disney princesses line up.

2.tom and jerry:the movie(1992)

ok, get into some nostalgic stuff,we remember tom and jerry right,the cat and the mouse and they really talked in movie,and since they where silent characters,in the cartoons,and the film was just a classic,and oh they even got droopy dog in there,it's that because of the dog and flea,the alley cats singing the song the why do really care and the list really goes on.

1.all dogs go to heaven(1989)

finally where at the last one on this list all dogs go to heaven the movie was come out in 1989 ya know the same year after disney's the little mermaid,with carface was a great villain,charle and itchy are awsome and i would really like the big lipped aligator,and because of don bluth's masterpiece is truly a cheer joy,and it was one of the greatest animated features of all time,it was later spawned a sequel,a tv series oh and even a christmas special to count,

yes this is my list of my favourite movies,three recent and two nostalgic good bye for now,
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