Toonami and Kids WB part 1

a story about how great this stations were
June 11, 2008
Toonami and Kids WB were the best stations to watch as a kid i mean some of the most memorable kids shows of all time were on them. The feeling you had while watching them was uncanny to anything else. Coming home after a boring day of school and turning on the tube watching Dragonball Z or Pokemon i mean there was nothing else better than that.

Pokemon was the best show i mean every 4 o Clock i would go to the basement with my friends and for that half hour our eyes were glued on the TV. Which pokemon was Ash gonna catch next, will Ash get the next gym badge he needs, will Team Rocket ever catch Pikachu we tuned in every week to find out the answers.

Dragonball Z was another great show i mean talk about an adrenalin rush. There was fighting left and right and there were energy blast flying everywhere. The next time on dragonball z announcer made you want to catch the next episode because of his enthusiasm.

Now this show was of the hook and it's called Sailor Moon. I know some think it's girly but the story was awesome and their attacks were amazing. It was funny funny show also (i loved when Tuxedo Mask called Serena meatball head). The big guys were truly evil and i hated Queen Beryl more then ever. This was the show that got me into Japanese shows.

This next one is very similar to Sailor Moon and is it's Cardcaptors. This show was cool and it came on very early like 7 o Clock and i would wake up early just to watch the it. The concept was awesome and i really wish they had made a game on it cause i'd be first in line to buy it.

Batman Beyond was another awesome show. It was a darker more mature show and it made me feel like a big kid watching it hahaha. It was creepy and gave me nightmares cause some of the bad guys were really scary. The most amazing part of the show was the rockish theme i mean can you say headbanging

Also did anybody ever remember Toonami the Rising Sun that would come on Saturday mornings and would only show anime shows. That was always the highlight of my weekend. And even though now Toonami and Kids WB suck i will always remember them for giving me childhood bliss.

I know i'm forgetting other shows like The Animanics and Freak-A-Zoid but don't worry i'll get to them later
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