Superman (1978) is Overrated

This article is on why I feel Superman: The Movie gets too much credit
October 07, 2013
As a an avid comic book fan, I love watching comic book movies. There have been many great comic book movies in the last 15 years like Nolan's Batman Trilogy, the Spider-Man movies, the X-Men movies, and the Iron Man movies. We are definitely in the Golden Age of comic book movies.

But one the films that I do not like nor do I even get the praise of is the horribly overrated and terrible Superman (1978):

Superman (1978):

Personally, I am astounded by the popularity of this film. One would imagine that one of the most popular comic book/superhero films of all time would at least be entertaining.

But this film fails so hard in nearly every way. The script is so horrible, the special effects are terrible, and the acting and dialogue is absolutely atrocious. This movie was terrible, even for a movie that came out in the Late-1970's.

Christopher Reeve's Superman:

First of all, I am surprised by the fact Reeve gets tons of praise for his portrayal of Superman.
He was horrendous as Superman/Clark Kent. His portrays Superman as a endless stream of boorish cliches, shows absolute no emotion as the character, and was one big piece of cardboard in this entire film. I mean Superman saving cats???

And people wonder why people call Superman a "perfect morally goody-goody who is too powerful for his own good."

Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor:

Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor was cheesy, stupid, and not even good by Saturday Morning Cartoon standards. And since when did Lex Luthor have hair?

Overall, the movie was terrible. The plot was extremely stupid. Really, Superman goes back in time to save Lois Lane???

The special effects were laughable. Superman flys so slow its laughable. I realize it was the 1970's, but seriously.

Hopefully, after Zack Synder's verison of Superman is finished, Richard Donner's horrible campy American Pie verison of the character will be looked at just like Adam West's Batman is looked at:

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