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January 01, 2005
You know how the Hub brought back older shows from previous networks? Well, I can tell you this: Nicktoons Network, CN and Qubo needs to be in the same interest level as the Hub and here are the shows to do it.

Oggy and The Cockroaches

This is basically Tom and Jerry meets Mr. Bean about a blue cat who is easily annoyed by 3 cockroaches named after the rayones. I could say American cable programming needs this show to air on a channel more than you think.

MegaMan: NT Warrior

This is based on the MegaMan: Battle Network game series. A bunch of kids uses NetNavis to save the world. I liked it, too bad they stopped dubbing it after Axess.

Kirby: Back at Ya!

One of the only likeable of the shows from 4kids and based on the Kirby game series. Kirby must defeat King Dedede if he orders a monster. A very good anime series if 4kids could've hold it long enough, than they could give it to Saban so it can still air on tv.

Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

The new adventure of the classic character of the same name. It's a good series and should be rerun on television.

The New Woody Woodpecker Show (1999)

A remake of the original show that aired on Fox Kids.
Why isn't Nicktoons or Qubo airing the reruns in America?

It probadly hard to get these show back from an average person's point-of-view (unless they believe). And we got people claiming the junkie shows like Shuriken School, Squirrel Boy and The Goode Family as classic cartoons, which makes matter worse for America.

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