Cartoon Network

Reasons Why People Don't Like It
April 07, 2008
[/size]on Network Started It's Brodcasting On October 1,1992.When It Was Created,It Showed Classic Cartoons Like Tom And Jerry,Top Cat,Scooby Doo,Wacky Races And More.

A Reply From My Fourm Post"How Do You Think Cartoon Network Is Then It Was In The Past" Cartoon Network from 5, 10 years ago isn't that different from today. It's mostly the same shit. As long as Metalocalypse and Venture Bros are on, then I don't give a fuck. I rather watch those shows over any of the Cartoon Cartoons. Those shows were played to death and I was sick of them. Sheesh. Enough "CN sucks now" threads."True.

Second,Camp Lazlo.In RetroToon's Artile "The Nicktoon Creators Part 2"He Said That There's Spongebob Workers On The Show.Here's The Sentence."Plus it's pretty much a ripoff of Spongebob in terms of humor and characters and the main title almost copies Spongebob's title shot-for-shot. I think it's mostly due to being away from animation for so long and the fact that there are a lot of Spongebob writers on that show (perhaps Joe Murray was trying to return the favor to Stephen). "

Cartoon Network's Gone Downhill Becuase People Are Mad They're Favorite Shows Were Taken Off And Had Enough.

Infact,Some People Like The Classic Shows.So They Need Boomerang To Watch It.If They Don't Have.They're Out Of Luck

Cartoon Network Sucks Now!!!!!!
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