Marc Summers

Marc Summers, nickalodeon, and the main people that stuck out to me as a kid.
September 11, 2008
I turn 19 today and looking back at the little life ive lived so far I could honestly say my generation had the BEST television shows for kids that ive ever seen...

So I turn on the tube tonight and I see someone who has truly been there since ive been little we all have that one person who we admired on television. That one person that brings you back to your younger days when you where most happy.

My one person would have to be

Marc Summers

Look at how happy he is and thats just because hes getting his picture taken oh no, this man is happy all the time he has to be. Weather he is drenching his game show contestants in slime or showing me how Dunkaroos are made hes always been there throught the circulation of my life and I didnt even relize it until tonight.
Think about it if you where a 90's baby born in 89 to 91 im going to say take a look at this picture and tell me its not the greatest thing ever.

Ducktales?? HELLO whatever year you where born you have our special moments that when you look back at them you get that happy-warm. The feeling where youd give anything to go back to that time and start your life again. HOWEVER without knowing it you are now making new memories you will be looking back at. So take advantage of how things are going because eventually you will want to go back.

Id like to take the time to thank all of those who give me the happy-warm when I look back at the Good ol' Days. Feel free to GOOGLE any of these names so you can also love them as much as I do haha.


Kirk Fogg,Marc Summers,Gumby,Kablam hosts,Michael Bower,Melissa Joan Hart,Moira Quirk,Mike O'Malley,Michael C. Maronna,Danny Tamberelli,Larisa Oleynik,Kenan Thompson,Kel Mitchell, and last but not least Phil Moore.

Thank you
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