Jewel Holiday Needs w Butters/Sweet Pots/Soda Cans
Taken from 1988.
Luck in Get In on the Fun
Network Music's High Voltage
Kenmore Appliances-Thanksgiving Ad
Uploaded to YouTube by rewindeatsthetape.
Blockbuster Video - Kids Movies and Games
Blockbuster rental store was defunct, and it has only online rental video on-demand.
Konami: Animaniacs (SEGA Genesis/Nintendo SNES)
This is more like popular Warner Bros. TV show cartoon ever. Some parodies are like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly/Friday the 13th.
Tyco: Kitty Kitty Kittens
Not just puppies. Everyone loves a kitten.
Mars, Incorporated: Starburst - Office Room
Epic dreamin' tidal wave can make it go underwater. Get a Starburst fruit juice chewy candy.
Milton Bradley: Twister (15 sec spot)
Twister is a game of physical skill in early 1964. Here's the 15 sec spot. The song jingle in 1991.
Thundercats on WOFL in Lightning Strikes
Taken from 1986.
Thundercats on WFLD Fox Watch Out for the Red Hot!
Taken from 1986.