Dream Builders with Castle
By Tyco.
Cita con el Amor on Univision in Inolvidable
Spanish version of The Dating Game.
Cita con el Amor on Univision with guest Garibaldi
Garibaldi the Mexican Group. Also Cita con el Amor is a Spanish Version of The Dating Game.
El Show de Paul Rodriguez on Univision in C.M.D.
Comedia, Musica y Diversion that aired 1990-1992.
WTOG 44 News at Ten Intro (1993)
Theme used 1990-1993
WTOG 8 O'Clock Movie Intro with The Terminator
Aircraft Music's News for You
KBHK Late Night Movie bumper 1995
Network Music's Lonely Nights
Child's Play Movie Promo on Fox 2
Chucky doll.
WUAB Sign-Off (1988)
Voice of Marty Sullivan.
Bob Barker Paid in Memory of Rod Roddy's death
R.I.P. Rod 1937-2003