Metroid Zero Mission
2004 ad.
Mario Kart-Super Circut
2001 ad.
Super Mario Advance 2-Super Mario World
A 2002 ad.
Yoshi's Island for Gameboy Advance
2002 ad.
Classic NES Series for Gameboy Advance
A 2005 ad.
Gameboy Advance SP-Christmas Carolers
2003 holiday ad.
"Pro 200" Handheld Video Game
An obscure game system that's surely better left obscure!
Ratings Advice Australian Promo
Originally uploaded in PAL format on YouTube by pelpollo, this is the Ratings Advice promo from Australia converted to NTSC.
McDonald's Hamburglar's Magic Touch
A 1984 ad.
Gameboy Advance: Who Are You?-Tattoo
One of eight US launch commercials.