├ćon Flux Spanish dub on MTV Latin America
The Disney Channel Sign Off
Featuring a view of Epcot Center at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.
Garfield Sponsor Plugs
Plugs for Kellogg's and McDonald's.
Rare Charlie Brown Christmas Sponsor
Rare Coca Cola Sponsor plugs shown only on 1965 premiere.
Rare Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Sponsors
Rare sponsor plugs for Coca Cola and Dolly Madison only shown on 1966 premiere.
Spice Promo Sneak Prevue
Promo for Spice adult PPV channel on Sneak Prevue.
Ohio Educational Broadcasting Commission
Logo shown on Ohio PBS networks.
ABC Ident
An ABC ident from the 1950s.
Woio Primetime Movie Bumper
Primetime movie bumper and parental advisory bumper from WOIO Cleveland.
Nickelodeon Patty Cake
Nickelodeon Ident from the 80s.