WGN Tales from the Darkside Always There Waiting
Taken from 1985.
Sofabed Warehouse Lowest Prices! Delivery
Taken from 1992.
Raiders vs. 49ers on KHJ-TV in Pre-Season Action
Network Music's Competitive Edge
Raging Waters in Summer's Hottest Cool
Taken from 1993.
Police Woman on KHJ She's the Newest Grade of Cop
Taken reruns from 1986.
Our Children: The Next Generation on KHJ-TV
Taken from 1985.
New Millennium Love Songs by Rhino
Taken from 2001.
Mood Magic Lipstick at Walgreens
Network Music's Bouquet
Madonna: GHV2 New Album at K-Mart
Taken from 2001 "Queen of Pop" singer.
Luna Carpet in Es Hora
Taken from 2001.