Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends
Brazilian Portuguese intro for season 13
Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Mexican Spanish intro "Mikami, la cazafantasmas", performed by María de Jesús Teherán
The Fruitties
Uncensored Green Paintbrush Background Of Death English Text(Early Episodes Pre Blue Space Same Scary Blue Space Of Death V1 Uncensored Logo Music)
The Fruitties
Audio Censored Blue Space Of Death
Basket Fever
Blue D'Ocon Space Of Death Uncensored V2 English(Basket Fever)
Basket Fever
Uncensored Logo With Music (Basket Fever D'Ocon Blue Space of Death Logo V2 Less Scary Music Than DBSOD V1 On The Fruitties But Still Scary)
1987 intro and funding credits
Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald
Spanish intro
Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald
English intro
The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries
Czech intro