Noddy's Toyland Adventures
Japanese credits
The Mumbly Cartoon Show
PAL format ending.
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
Complete ending with the bylineless 1977 version of the 1974 "Rainbow H-B" logo.
Quack Pack
English, Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish credits from Disney Channel, with Polish announcement
C.B. Bears
Syndication ending with the H-B 1979 bylineless "Swirling Star" logo.
The Woodwright's Shop
Modern outro & funding credits from flagship UNC TV
The New Casper Cartoon Show
English ending in color (1963-1969)
The New Casper Cartoon Show
German ending ("Casimir & Co.")
Casper and Friends
English credits
Muppet Babies
Polish 2nd credits, 90s' redub (This dub has no "Go Bye Bye" segment!)