Denver Nuggets 1988-89 Available at TMO and ABO
Buster Poindexter's Hot, Hot, Hot
The A-Team on KTVD in Hire
Taken reruns from 1988.
Kate & Allie on KTVD in Two Divorce Moms
Taken reruns from 1988.
All in the Family on KTVD Archie's Opinion & View
Taken reruns from 1988.
Mile High Honda Per Month in Take Your Choice
Taken from 1988.
WRC News 4 11PM intro - 11/17/1987
This 11PM weeknight news intro from November 17, 1987 was from the NBC affiliate station in Washington, D.C.
Taken from 1999.
106.7 Lite FM in Shopping
Taken from 1999 NYC radio station with '84-present.
Disney Cruise Line in Cruise Director
Taken from 2000.
Jenny Jones on WWOR UPN 9 in Jenny
Taken from 2001.