Leisuretime Warehouse w. Delta and Hot Spring Spas
AirCraft Music Library's Stretch Out
Revenge of the Nerds IV Promo
Promo for"Revenge of the Nerds IV" on Fox.
WDIV Sign Off
Sign Off bumpers from WDIV Detroit.
Sign of the Beefcarver
Commercial for a cafeteria style restaurant chain based in Detroit, Michigan.
Kenner Sponsor Plugs
Sponsor Plugs for the defunct toy company Kenner.
HBO Originally Rated R Bumper
Unusual ratings bumper from an HBO showing of the original R-Rated version of"Excalibur".
Mount Airy Lodge (1987)
Taken from 1987.
Shoprite Low-Low Prices with Frozen OJ/IC/KC
Taken from 1988.
Ford Ranger and Bronco II in Get 3.9% APR
Network Music's Millennium
KTXL Viewer Discretion Bumpers
Viewer discretion is advised bumpers from KTXL 40 Sacramento.KTXL used to broadcast movies completely unedited back in the 1980s.