The Jefferson Sunshine Sale
This clothing ad is followed by a WPTV news promo with Deborah Caldwell.
Irish Spring-Riding Horses
It "gets you fresh and clean as a whistle".
Instant Gatorade
It "gives your body what it's thirsty for".
The Honda Express
Looks can be deceiving...
Gordon's Jewelers
Sela Ward appears in this ad, which is followed by a WPTV promo for "Donahue".
Get Certs, Get Closer
Update the fashions and this could be a modern ad...
Junebugs And Dunebugs At Fayva
Junebugs for women and girls, Dunebugs for men and boys...
Uniflo Motor Oil From Exxon
This ad is slightly clipped at the end.
Totaling up, a lot of people use Excedrin.
Dyanmo Detergent
A housewife named Joan Kraft explains why she prefers this to powder detergent.