Prell Shampoo
Prell puts the Oooooooo in shampoo. from 1984.
Rick Davis for Ivory Soap
from 1984.
Calgon Moisturizing Foam Bath
These boys really need to take a bath. from 1984
Doublemint Gum
Featuring the Doublemint twins on both men and women into a waterfall. from 1984
Strother AMC/Jeep/Renault
Featuring that lookalike Crazy Eddie guy! from 1984
Grandma's Rich n' Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
from 1984
NBC Riptide Premiere Promo
from 1983
Dodge RAM Trucks
from 1983
Love Me Tender Chunks
Set to the Elvis Presley song "Love Me Tender". from 1983.
NWA Power Hour Promo on TBS
from 1989