Lynn Redgrave Weight Watchers Classic Actresses
Lynn Redgrave as Greta Garbo,Vivian Leigh,Lillian Gish?,and Mae West,advertising"Weight Watchers"frozen dinners.
Lee Jeans Elevator Commercial
A beautiful woman,a horny guy,and an obnoxious painter/handyman.
Lynn Redgrave Weight Watchers Pizza Commercial
"Weight Watchers" commercial featuring the late great Lynn Redgrave enjoying a low cal Pizza.
Lynn Redgrave Weight Watchers Island Commercial
Lynn on a deserted island with a freezer full of"Weight Watchers" frozen dinners.
Lunch Bucket Commercial
Commercial for"Lunch Bucket"microwave meals featuring the late British stage/film actor Douglas Seale.
Ruffles Have Ridges Commercial
"Ruffles" ranch flavored potato chip commercial.
Ball Park Swimsuit Model Commercial
"Ball Park"hot dog commercial featuring a sexy model in a red swimsuit.
Family Channel Promo With Tim Robertson
Family Channel promo featuring Family Channel President Tim Robertson.Tim is the son of controversial televangelist Pat Robertson.
Family Channel Scrapbook Bumper
Bumper from the defunct network"The Family Channel".
Bounty Commercial Waterfall
Commercial for"Bounty"paper towels featuring the late Nancy Walker as Rosie.