Walt Disney Pictures - Roger Rabbit vairant
The Walt Disney Pictures logo used in Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Sega Saturn - Saturn from Saturn (Japan launch)
Used to promote the Japanese launch of Sega Saturn. This time it's not in America until next year. from 1994.
Disney's Sing-Along Songs 1987 promo
This was only seen on "The Bare Necessities" VHS/Betamax.
TBS Superstation - "CLAPBOARD" Ident - Printer
One of the running gag ident shown on Tom and Jerry's Funhouse on TBS Superstation.
The Disney Channel ID - Microscope
The Disney Channel ID - Jungle
Chevron - National Geographic Sponsor
Seen at every National Geographic VHS and PBS' TV broadcasts.
Florida in Honey, Pinch Me
Taken from 1996.
KFC with $2.99 Combos
Killer Tracks' Hot Foot
Trotter Truck City Saves You Money
AirCraft Music Library's Closer Look