Buckaroo Banzai on KSTW Strange Encounters Week
Taken from 1984 Movie.
Batman: The Movie Promo on KSTW
Taken from 1966 DC Comics Movie.
Back to School Movie Promo on KSTW
Taken from 1986 Movie with the late Rodney Dangerfield.
Wonder Bread The Fresh Guys' Money-Back Guarantee
Taken from 1974.
Snoopy Toothbrush by Kenner
Taken from 1972.
Skippy Presents The End of the Same Old Breakfast
Taken from 1974.
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce in Nowadays
Taken from 1974.
Pit by Parker Brothers in People Get Carried Away
Taken from 1974.
Ocean Spray Cranapple in Sweet Tart
Taken from 1974.
New! Improved ScotTowels
Taken from 1974.