ABC Promo-"World News Tonight"
This 1982 promo is followed by an ABC I.D.
ABC Promo-"King's Crossing"
This promo for a short-lived drama is preceded by a bumper for "Olivia Newton-John: Let's Get Physical".
Tug And Cari McGraw For 7-Up
The baseball legend and his daughter appear in this ad from the "Feeling 7-Up" campaign.
Nintendo SNES - StarWing/Super Mario Allstars (UK)
Featuring Rik Mayall
Nickelodeon - Homeboy (Sign-On)
Is your home? On Nickelodeon home?
HBO - Behind the Scenes - UHF
HBO takes you behind the scenes of Weird Al Yankovic's first (and only) movie: UHF.
Brain Tumor Society - Star Wars - No Smoking
C3PO tells R2D2 that smoking is not very healthy.
Chuck E. Cheese's Ad - My Vacation
A summer CEC commercial from 1990.
MTV ID - Piano
Created by Bros Quay
MTV UK ID - 120 Minutes