2002 Mitsubishi Lancer - One Week
from the Barenaked Ladies song. from 2001.
Together, You and ITV (short version)
from 1989.
Together, You and ITV
from 1989.
New England's Watching WCVB
Localized promo for Boston for the 1991-92 America's Watching ABC fall campaign.
WFYR - Chicago's Warmest Rock
from 1984.
Jergens Body Shampoo
from 1994.
HBO 10th Anniversary IDs
Happy birthday Home Box Office! featuring Katherine Ross and Muhammad Ali. from 1982.
HBO 10th Anniversary Promo
from 1982.
Catch Today's KGMB 9
from 1996.
KFC Hawaii - KGMB 9 News Sponsor
Sponsor for the Hawaii version of this fast food restaurant chain. from 1996.