Desert Inn Country Club & Spa in Thingin' Up
Taken from 1985.
The Lé Sharo by Winnebago
Network Music's Tribute
Dow San Diego Super Bowl XXII Host Sale!
Network Music's Energy
Rick's Hacienda Restaurant in Dining Out
Taken from 1986.
Jimboy's Tacos with El Sombrero
Taken from 1986.
Post-It Note Pad
Network Music's Chopin's Etude
Geraldo on WGN-TV in Jimmy Swaggart's Confession
Taken from 1988.
WGN-TV Jaws 2 Movie bumper
Taken from 1978 Movie.
Hemingway Movie on WGN-TV
Network Music's Corporate Concerto
The National Party Line! in People Across the U.S.
Network Music's High Voltage