PBS Kids - Around the park (WGBH-TV 44 Boston)
With a local presentation bumper for Sesame Street.
Radio Disney promo - Mother Jam
We are sure Marsupilami and Maurice is going to miss this radio network.
The Simpsons- Burger King
Everyone Gets Turned Into A Simpsons Guy.
Nickelodeon - Kids' Court promo
A promo for Nickelodeon's Kids' Court.
National Dairy Council - Turn on to Breakfast
I used to remember seeing this commercial while watching Disney's Raw Toonage / Disney's Marsupilami on NBC Saturday Mornings.
Atari Lynx-Bathroom Break
1990 ad.
Atari Lynx 2-Pack
A two-in-one commercial about the Atari Lynx sound and link features.
Atari Lynx
Atari Lynx vs. Gameboy ad from 1990.
Jollibee Commercial (Philippines)
Her Parents took Jennifer Doll to give it to Her
The Tofus on Jetix Play Polish promo
This promo was shown in whole Europe on Jetix Play. In Poland, dubbed in Polish.