Z Channel Rocky Promo
Here is a promo for the premiere of "Rocky" on the Z Channel. Z Channel was a Los Angeles based premium movie channel of the 70s and 80s.
American Movie Classics Feature Presentation
A feature presentation bumper from AMC back when it was a classic movie channel.
American Movie Classics Ident
An ident from AMC back when it was a classic movie network.
Goof Troop On Home Video Promo
As seen at the end of Goof Troop videocassettes at the time.
The Powerpuff Girls Movie VHS\DVD Ad
From 2002
Request 2 Feature Intro Marilyn Diaries Promo
A promo for"The Marilyn Diaries" starring the late Marilyn Chambers and Feature Presentation bumper from Request 2 PPV.
Z Channel Intermission
A brief intermission from the 1970's/1980's Los Angeles pay tv service The Z Channel.
The Powerpuff Girls Movie - Got Chocolate Milk?
The Powerpuff Girls experiments with chocolate milk before receiving a summon from The Mayor in the Hall of Townsville...
Super Mario 64 - Got Milk?
Celebrating the 20th anniversary to Nintendo 64. From Dairy Farms of America.
Univision ID in La Vision de America
Taken from 1991.