Another Odyssey Ident
Another ident for the cable network Odyssey.Odyssey would eventually become The Hallmark Channel.
Odyssey Idents
Idents for the cable channel Odyssey.Odyssey eventually became The Hallmark Channel.
INSP Promo
A 1993 promo for the Christian cable network INSP.
ACTS Ident 1987
A 1987 ident from the defunct Christian cable network ACTS.
ACTS Ident 1985
Ident from the defunct Christian cable channel ACTS.
The WB Rated TV PG Bumper/Parental Advisory
Taken from the premiere of"Buffy The Vampire Slayer".
BBC 2 Colour Ident
BBC 2 Ident from 1970
Duracell (PBS Great Performances Funding)
The jingle advert sound of a Duracell Copper Top Battery.
AT&T (PBS Funding)
PepsiCo (PBS Funding)
Some of the CGI animation logo brands.