English credits using footage from the Japanese OP.
The Simpsons
Syndicated episodes, since Season 16, have included the voice cast for the Mexican Spanish dub, for stations that use it via SAP. FXX also uses these...
The Simpsons
Rare end credits listing the characters that the actors voiced. From episode #7F17, "Old Money"
Polish credits (season 1)
Fraggle Rock
Ending credits for the "Doozer Music" VHS release
Atomic Betty
Mission Earth credits
Ranma 1/2
3rd ending, Don't Mind! Lay-Lay Boy, in Mexican Spanish (this may be the only ending song dubbed, seeing as the visual is from the 1st ending)
Season 2:Boomerang's Split Credits
6th ending, Mischievous Kiss, in Mexican Spanish, performed by Gabriela Vega
5th ending, Song of Truth, in Mexican Spanish, performed by Gabriela Vega