Garfield & Friends
Season 4 (1991)
Sesame Street
PBS ending (w/ funding credits) to episode #3902 (season 31) from 2001
The Smurfs
Swedish ending credits to the compilation film "Det våras för Smurfan"
WRC-TV Newscasts
News 4 11PM close from July 4, 2018
Maya The Honeybee
Italian Credits (Season 2) (Original)
Closing outro from September 9, 2010 - The Queen Vic Fire
Closing outro from December 29, 2017
Closing outro from December 1, 2017
Great Performances
1994 ending credits and fundings to "The World of Jim Henson" with "Rainbow Connection" and a short segment with Kermit and Miss Piggy
Days of our Lives
Closing outro from January 21, 1986