Inspector Gadget
Swedish outro
Blue's Clues
The show's longest credit sequence (accompanied with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper), taken from "What Did Blue See"
Mopatop's Shop
UK English credits/ending theme
The Muppet Show
Original ATV UK ending credits to the Joel Grey episode (the first to air in the UK)
The Muppet Show
Original 1978 ITC ending credits to the train station episode with Loretta Lynn
The Muppet Show
Original 1977 ITC ending credits to the Don Knotts episode
Sesame Street
Ending (with "Coming Soon on Sesame Street" bumper) to episode #3683 (season 29) from 1997
Sesame Street
Ending (with funding credits) to episode #3918 (season 32) from 2001
Sesame Street
1993 Canadian ending to episode #3128 (season 24)
Arabic ending #1