Sesame Street
Ending (with "Coming Soon on Sesame Street" bumper) to episode #3683 (season 29) from 1997
Sesame Street
Ending (with funding credits) to episode #3918 (season 32) from 2001
Sesame Street
1993 Canadian ending to episode #3128 (season 24)
Arabic ending #1
Pinky and the Brain
Czech credits, TV Prima 2008 (Neuvěřitelná dobrodružství Rudly a Koumáka)
Inspector Gadget
Hebrew credits (חוש חש הבלש)
Sesame Street
From Season 24 (1992-1993) to Season 29 (1997-1998), They would do a sneak preview of an upcoming episode.
Long Ago and Far Away
1991 end credits and funding.
Milly, Molly
Season 2 Credits
Captain Kangaroo
Split-screen credits for "The All-New Captain Kangaroo" revival series, as seen on Fox Family