NBC Daytime - DOOL - ...She Lost Her Baby
This promo about Billie liying about when she lost her baby on DOOL for the week of November 19, 1998.
NBC Daytime - DOOL - Week of 10/12/1998
This promo about what on Days of Our Lives for the week of October 12, 1998.
NBC Daytime - DOOL - Seduction...Betrayal
This promo about the Seduction and Betrayal on "Days of Our Lives" for May 1983.
NBC Daytime - DOOL - Week of November 2, 1998
This promo about all the lies about Billie's baby being barried on DAYS for the week of November 2, 1998.
NBC Daytime - DOOL - Wedding of Bo & Hope
This promo about the wedding of Bo & Hope on 'Days of Our Lives' for the week of May 20, 1985.
KTVT C.O.P.S. - Weekdays
This promo for C.O.P.S. on then-Independent television station KTVT Channel 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Global TV - C.O.P.S. Animated Series Promo
This promo about the U.S. animated series C.O.P.S. on Canada's Global Television Network.
Blockbuster Video - Dog
Discovery Zone - Screamerz
Kellogg's: Rice Krispies Treats - Gym
I waaaaaant!? I waaaaaant!!!