Walt Disney Television Animation (Marsupilami)
Title says it all.
Sabina The Animated Series on Toon Disney
Sabina The Animated Series Premire promo on Toon Disney.
CTTV/KingWorld (Jeopardy!)
Used during the 3rd Season of Jeopardy! (1985-1986).
CTTV/KingWorld (Jeopardy!)
As seen at the end of Jeopardy! Starting on Season 7 (1989-1990).
Toon Disney's final sign-off
On February 13th, 2009. Toon Disney ends it's 11 year broadcast and it was replaced with Disney XD.
Fisher Price Pocket Rockers
An obscure little tape format from 1988.
Orkin - A Boy and his Drums
Here is just the little drummer boy from the same 2005 Orkin Commercial that I uploaded earlier.
Orkin - Drums
This commercial for the pesticide service Orkin from way back in 2005 shows a mother whose work was disturbed by her son playing drums! Lucky then!
Red Lobster
from 1993
NHPTV Local Funding for Dr. Who
From 1988. WENH-TV Durham 11 New Hampshire Public Television (PBS).