Hollywood Tropicana in Ready for a Close Encounter
Network Music's Street Festival
KDAF Fox 33 Movie Bump
from 1991.
1996 KERA ID - Your Passport to the World
from 1996.
KDFI "Hot TV" 27 Afternoon Movie Bump
from 1996.
KDAF 33 Tuesday Movie Bump
During it's early days as a Fox O&O. from 1986.
KDFI "Hot TV" 27 ID
from 1996.
KDTN Channel 2 ID - Programs That Affect You
from 2001, one of the final years before a christian network affiliate.
KDTN Channel 2 ID - Opening Doors to New Worlds
from 1994.
PBS ID Fall 1991
Rare variant to the 1989 3-D Glass Ident with an announcer saying "This fall on PBS."
Hostess Pudding Pies
New Chocolate Fudge filling! from 1986.