WPTV's The People Speak-The Clean Air Ordinance
A smoker named Bonnie Sue Brown speaks in favor of this motion.
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" On WPTV
This ad promotes reruns of the CBS show on this NBC affiliate.
Bob Alan On WPTV
This ad promotes a weather program with the WPTV anchor.
The Volkswagen Jetta
"Volkswagen does it...Again".
A 1980 United Way PSA
It's "your way to help".
Ultra Brite Toothpaste: Cindy And Alex
This ad is clipped at the end.
Tire Kingdom-The Good Old Days
This ad has old silent film footage.
Tampax Plus
This ad is followed by a brief SCTV promo.
Sunkist Soda-Good Vibrations
I would probably just drink regular orange juice.
Schlitz-The Bike Race
Don't drink and drive. Don't drink and bike, either.