WBFS My33 - Happy Holidays
This promo about Happy Holidays from South Florida's My33 in 2008.
WFOR CBS4 - Happy Holidays Promo
This 20-second promo about happy holiday wishes from South Florida's CBS4.
WFOR TV4 South Florida ident - Hector Elizondo
This was the first ident for WFOR-TV in Miami-Fort Lauderfale, when its transmitting switch from Channel 6 to Channel 4, featured Hector Elizondo.
WFOR CBS4 - A Royal Wedding Live Coverage Saturday
This 30-second promo about the Royal Wedding: Live Coverage from WFOR CBS4 in Miami, for May 19, 2018.
WFOR CBS4 - A Royal Wedding Live Coverage Tomorrow
This 5-second ident was about A Royal Wedding live coverage from WFOR CBS4 in Miami for May 19, 2018.
WGN Presents bumper (1984)
Taken from 1984-90.
WGN-TV Long Station ID (1990)
Taken from 1990.
Variety Club Telethon on WGN-TV
Taken special from 1985 with former late Let's Make a Deal host Monty Hall.
TJ Maxx Storewide Clearance Event
Taken from 2003.
WGN The Facts of Life Blair, Jo, Natalie & Tootie
Taken reruns from 1988.