from 1984
Johnson & Johnson Bandage
from 1986
The Xfinity X1 Entertainment Operating System
Taking "watch it anywhere" to fantastic levels in this ad...
Vein Centers Of America
For help with varicose veins...
Trop50 Juice
Is that Jane Krakowski in this ad?
The Muppets For Lipton Tea
A still from this ad of Kermit The Frog sipping some tea has become memetic in recent months.
The Sprint Friends And Family Plan
Or "Framily", as this ad puts it...
"Scandal" On ABC
This is a quick promo for the show.
Samsung-You Need To See This (Long Version)
This is the 90 second version of the ad.
Samsung-You Need To See This (Short Version)
A 30 second ad promoting Samsung's 2014 technology...