The Okimate 10 Printer
Printers have come a long way...
MTV Weekend-Styx And REO Speedwagon
Nowadays, they're seen on VH1 Classic, when they actually play videos.
MTV-The Rest Is Just Noise
The same could be said about the channel itself in 2014...
MTV Music News (1984)
MTV Hits is where this is at now.
MTV's Michael Jackson Weekend
A weekend devoted to the superstar who defined MTV's Golden Age...
Seven Arts Pictures
This is the second Seven Arts Pictures logo from 1991.
Free Clothes At Mery Go Round
When you made a purchase, that was...
Levi's Cords-A Corduroy Night
Another one of the many musical ads Levi's did in the 80s...
Grumman Data Systems Institute And Waterbed Plaza
I couldn't separate these two Long Island ads, so here they are, back-to-back.
Coors Beer-The Mirage
...Or is it?