WTHI Action 10 News 11PM open - 6/24/1987
This 11pm Newscast open from Wednesday Night, June 24, 1987 came from the CBS affiliate television station" WTHI-TV in Terra Haute, Indiana.
Yoshi's Cookie Japanese Commercial
The japanese commercial for Yoshi's Cookie.
Sega 32X
1993 commercial uploaded to YouTube by rewindeatsthetape.
WRC News 4 - Weather Alert Day Ident - Late July
This was the late July 2017 video ident of WRC-TV's News 4's Weather Alert Day.
You Need Us The Weather Channel
from 1989.
You Need Us The Weather Channel
A edited-down version of The Weather Channel's theme song. from 1988.
Weather Channel - Local Forecast Promo
from 1995.
Weather Channel - Days Inn 5-Day Business Planner
from 1989.
Weather Channel - Local Forecast Bump
from 1989.
Weather Channel ID - Northern California Update
from 1989.