RadioShack Telephones
Christmas ad from 1992 uploaded to YouTube by rewindeatsthetape.
Ellen Tauscher vs. Charles Ball in Over-Taxed
Killer Tracks' Behind the Story
Hillyer's Mid City Ford Grand Opening Celebration
Network Music's Bone Crusher
Valley Motor Company Lincoln Mercury Vol. Pricing
Network Music's Winning Streak
DeLon Honda Makes It Simple w. '97 CRV and Prelude
Network Music's Elusive Prey
V-103 in The New V-Morning Crew
Taken from 1994 with '88 to present.
The Boys for 1-900
Taken from 1991 former R&B quartet.
The Jacksons: Victory New Album at 4 Stores
Taken from 1984 R&B group.
DeBarge for McDonald's (I Like It)
Taken from 1984 former R&B group.
Earth, Wind & Fire: All 'n All New Album
Taken from 1977 Funk/Soul band group.