WNEW-TV 10 O'Clock News Promo in The Mic
Taken from 1985.
Who Parks in Those Spaces? on WNEW-TV in Share
Taken from 1985.
What's Happening Now!! and Small Wonder on WNEW-TV
Taken both from 1985.
Three's Company on WNEW-TV in Wild Combo of Comedy
Taken reruns from 1985.
The Savage Seven Movie Promo on WNEW-TV
Taken from 1968 Movie.
The Hobbit Movie Promo WNEW-TV
Taken from 1977 Movie.
The Day Christ Died Movie Promo on WNEW-TV
Taken from 1980 Movie.
Supermarket Sweep Starting 4/5/1999 on Pax TV
Killer Tracks' Big Al's Gal
Supermarket Sweep on Buzzr in David's Sweaters
Taken from 2018 with David Ruprecht.
Pax Supermarket Sweep/Shop 'til You Drop All-New
Taken both game shows from 2000.