ITV (UK) Coronation Street - Autumn 2017 Promo
This video was about UK's ITV's Coronation Street video promo for Fall 2017
Pantene Pro-V Commercial w/Karen Mulder
In 1996, the beautiful & sexy Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder was in the Pantene Pro-V commercial.
McDonald's Happy Meal - The Jungle Book Toys
Another commercial promoting the 1990 Jungle Book Happy Meal at McDonald's
Drug-Free America "Playground" PSA
Now that you know what a drug dealer thinks of you, What you think of him!!
Partnership for a Drug-Free America "Thin Ice" PSA
Welcome to Heroin...Enjoy your Stay!!
Windows 98 Commercial
Where do you want to go today?
KSTW The 10 O'Clock News Intro (1988)
Taken from 1988.
Cinemax Feature Presentation/ Rated NC-17
Taken from "Performance" (1970). Cinemax will run NC-17 rated movies only at night.
WPVI Ch.6 Action News - We Are...AccuWeather Promo
This video promo from Mid-October 2015 was about the Action News' We Are...AccuWeather for WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.
1-800-Mattress w. Offer Sealy Queen Pillowtop Set
Taken from 2002.