Marry Her Again Sweepstakes
Killer Tracks' A Walk in the Park
Prevue Guide Ident Motorcycle Cop
A guy gets a ticket for changing channels.
Prevue Guide Ident Gone With The Wind
A ident from Prevue Guide spoofing a classic scene from"Gone With The Wind".
Red Triangle Ident Channel 4 London
An ident for the infamous "Red Triangle" films on channel 4 London.The films shown were quite graphic,and were aired completely uncut.
KBHK BA Cable 12 Movie Station Presents Wild Thing
Network Music's Steam Heat
Waterbed Emporium Wall-to-Wall Year End Clearance
Network Music's Awesome
WFAA Lupus with Michael Bitsoff
Kenny G's Silhouette
Good Sports on KBHK Bay Area Cable 12 Kansas City
Network Music's Jammin'
Barrett-Martin Chiropractic in Man Chopping Wood
Network Music's Blue Denim
Fairchild Channel F
1976 launch ad for sale at JCPenney stores.