The Best of Elvis Collection Promo
From a British VHS release of "Fun in Acapulco."
Wet 'n' Wild Waterworld in More
Billy Idol's Rebel Yell
Batman Hardcastle and Mccormick Promos
Promos from The Family Channel.
Get Along Gang/Pole Position Bumper
"Get Along Gang" will return/"Pole Position" coming up next bumper from"The Family Channel".
Funtown Bumpers
Bumpers from The Family Channel's afternoon cartoon block.
Amazin Fruits Gummy Bears
Commercial for"Amazin' Fruits" Gummy Bears.
The Family Channel Inspector Gadget Promo
Family Channel promo for"Inspector Gadget".
Super Mario World and Captain N Promos
Family Channel Promos for"Super Mario World"and "Captain N"
The Family Channel Positive Place Ident
Family Channel idents.
Clusters Commercials
2 funny commercials for "Clusters"cereal featuring a very mischievous squirrel.