ABC promo A Streetcar Named Desire 1984 Version.
An ABC promo for the 1984 made for tv version of"A Streetcar Named Desire".
WCW SuperBrawl Promo Request PPV
Wcw SuperBrawl Promo from Request PPV
Obsession Taste for Fear Promo Viewer's Choice
"Obsession:a Taste for Fear"promo and Viewers Choice Feature Intro.
No Holds Barred Promo Viewer's Choice
Viewer's Choice promo for "No Holds Barred" the movie and the match
Ernest Saves Christmas Promo Viewers Choice
Viewers Choice PPV ident and promo for "Ernest Saves Christmas".
USA Idents
USA cable network Idents
Prevue Guide Cowboy Ident
A Prevue Guide ident featuring a cowboy riding the logo like a horse.
Prevue Guide Prevue Zone Ident
Prevue Guide Ident spoofing"The Twilight Zone".
Prevue Guide Grocery Store Ident
Funny Prevue Guide ident featuring a women freaking out in grocery store.
Prevue Channel Speeding Ticket Ident
Prevue Channel Bumper featuring a viewer getting a speeding ticket from a motorcycle cop,sorry about quality.