Showbiz Pizza Place Ad- America's #1 Family Fun
From 1984 BTW, this was originally downloaded from
Rare TAT Communications Logo
A rare logo for Norman Lear's TAT(Tuchus Affen Tisch)Commucations.
Disney's Aladdin (Sega Genesis) Commercial
From YouTube's Sega-16.
HBO Encore
HBO Encore Intro.
Knights of the Zodiac DVD Trailer
This show was licensed by A.D. Vision (was now Sentai Filmworks)
Charlton Heston Mpaa
Moses explains the MPAA system.
Julie Andrews MPAA
Mary Poppins explaining the MPAA rating system.At that time(1967) the only rating used was the"SMA"rating(Suggested for Mature Audiences).
Sonic the Hedgehog commercial (SEGA Genesis)
This commercial that compare between Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog
HBO Idents and Bumpers New Years 1979
HBO Wreath,Last Laughs of the 70s,and Standing Room Only Intro.
HBO Idents and Ratings Bumper
HBO Idents and PG Ratings Bumper