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Caesar's Challenge(1993 - 1994)
Hosted by Ahmad Rashad, Co-Host Dan Doherty and the announcer Steve Day.
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles(1999 - 2012)
Based on the 1968 science fiction novel "Starship Troopers," the programme centres on the missions of a mobile infantry squad as they participate in a war of survival against a ferocious alien insectoid invader.
Just Say Julie(1989 - 1992)
A Sketch Comedy show staring comedian Julie Brown.
Colby's Clubhouse(1995 - 2012)
Colby's Clubhouse was a children's television show that taught principles from the Bible through songs and everyday situations. It was written and produced by Peter and Hanneke Jacobs. Peter Jacobs played the part of Colby the Computer. It originally aired from 1987 to 2000 with several changes of c...
Quote O' Matic
  • Colonel Tom Edwards: "This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard."

    Jeff Trent: "And every word of it's true, too."

    Colonel Tom Edwards: "That's the fantastic part of it."
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space