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Looney Tunes(1930 - )
These series of theatrical animated shorts began life in the 1930's and consisted of a large amount of characters and settings contain slapstick humor and musical numbers. As the years progressed many more characters to the Looney Tunes roasters including: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fu...
Felix the Cat(2012 - Current)
Felix the Cat began life in the silent film era in series of surreal cartoons however with the invention of sound the cartoons slowly began to loose popularity. With cartoon from studios from Disney, Warner Bros. and the Fleischer Studios Felix found too much competition even with entering in the wo...
ESPN National Hockey Night(1992 - 2012)
ESPN National Hockey Night was ESPN's weekly television broadcasts of National Hockey League regular season games and coverage of playoff games, broadcast from 1992 to 2004. ESPN had been slated to broadcast games for the 2004–05 NHL season, but the season's cancellation combined with the NHL reachi...
Third Watch(1999 - 2005)
Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey(1989 - 1997)
Its a hockey night in pittsburgh. penguins hockey on kdka and other channels ran from 1986 to 1993 what a run it has been.
Anything For Money(1984 - 1984)
This was a short-lived prank show.
NHL on FOX(1995 - 1999)
NHL on Fox is a television program that televised National Hockey League games on the Fox Broadcasting Company and produced by Fox Sports. The program ran from the 1994–1995 NHL season until the 1998–1999 NHL season. Fox paid $31 million a year to televise the NHL. Things ended badly between Fox...
AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN(1985 - 1990)
AWA Championship Wrestling aired on cable sports network ESPN from 1985 to 1990. It was a continuation of the earlier ESPN program Pro Wrestling USA, the co-operative venture between the American Wrestling Association (AWA) and several National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) affiliates (most notably Jim C...
Quebec Nordiques Hockey on TQS(1988 - 1994)
A French-Canadian Hockey Program From Canada It has carried games of the National Hockey League, including the Quebec Nordiques from 1988 to 1994 and the Montreal Canadiens from 1994 to 2002. It also aired games of the Montreal Expos from 1994 to 1998.
The Upper Hand(1990 - 1996)
The Upper Hand was a sitcom, produced by Central Television and broadcast by ITV from 1990 to 1996. The programme was adapted from the American sitcom Who's the Boss?. Like in the former series, an affluent single woman, raising a son with the help of her mother, hires a housekeeper only to have a m...
Quote O' Matic
  • stan kyle and man: Stan:What will brian boitano do if he was here today im sure he'll kick an ass or two cause thats what brian boitano do....
    Man:did somebody call my name?
    Kyle:who the f**** are you?
    man:Im Brian denehy

    -stan kyle and man
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut