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The Dudley Do-Right Show(1969 - 1970)
Dudley Do-Right the bumbling hero of the Canadian Mounties made his first appearance on Rocky and Bullwinkle in the early 1960's ... now he has his own show and is still facing his nemesis the dastardly Snidely Whiplash.
Any Day Now(1998 - 2002)
Anthony Ant(1999 - 1999)
Anna and the King(1972 - 1972)
A sitcom inspired by the story of Anna Leonwens, the British governess who went to Siam to teach the King's children. Yul Brenner stars reprising the role he made famous (The King, of course!)
America 2Night(1978 - 1978)
Angel Street(1992 - 1992)
Arli$$(1996 - 2002)
Life As We Know It(1991 - 1991)
Second City’s “Life As We Know It” was the first sketch comedy special from the new Comedy Central. Its cast featured some of the breakthrough talent then performing with The Second City’s Chicago & Toronto stage companies. Starring: Steve Carell Ryan Stiles Brad Sherwood Ken Hudson Campbe...
Mr. Merlin(1981 - 1982)
Merlin the Magician is alive and well and living as an auto mechanic in San Francisco. Upon orders from his boss Alexandra, Merlin attempts to train his teenage employee at the garage, Zac, to be his heir apparent. Most of the show's comedy comes from Zac's inexperience with his powers and the chara...
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  • Ace Ventura: Shikashek.....ahhh!


    Shhhhhawshank Redemption

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    YOUR'RE OUTTA HERE!! Go on, Go!
    -Ace Ventura
  • Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls