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Chain Reaction(1980 - 1991)
RICHARD-DAWSON-CREEK-WATER-FALL-GUY-GIRL-TALK That's just an example of a chain, on the game show Chain Reaction. It's a game show where two teams of three (two celebrities & one contestant) competed to connect series of words that make up a word chain. Each correct word earned points according t...
Love & War(1992 - 1995)
Maximum Drive(1995 - 1995)
Teams of kids race and compete on mountain bikes, motorcycles, jet skis, and other off-road vehicles.
The Tortellis(1987 - 1987)
Animal Crackers(1997 - 1998)
Based on the comic strip created by Roger Bollen. Set in Africa's Freeborn Wildlife Preserve. Characters: Lyle Lion, DoDo, Eugene the Elephant, Lana the Lioness, Gnu
Junior Almost Anything Goes(1976 - 1977)
Based upon the adult oriented stunt like tv game show. This version was aimed at teens. Where A high school gym clas would be divided into three teams:The Blue,The Gold and The White Team. The teams had to complete zany stunts in the least ammount of order for the...
Runaround(1972 - 1973)
This combination stunt and quiz show for kids debuted on NBC TV in the fall of 1972. A group of youngsters ages 8 to 12 would listen to music or watch a comedy skit or a demonstration. And then they would be asked asked a question pertaining to the music or the situation t...
Cop Shop(1977 - 1984)
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