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A Twist in the Tale(1999 - 1999)
The Grind(1992 - 1997)
Bibi Blocksberg(1999 - Current)
Bibi Blocksberg is a German TV Show about a teenage witch and her family. Her mother is a witch too, but not her father (men can't normally be witches, but there are exceptions). Bibi has a broom that she calls "Apple Pie" (Kartoffelbrei). She is still learning how to do spells and gets into trouble...
Swamp Thing (live action)(1990 - 1993)
A television series would then air on the USA Network from 1990 to 1993. The series was filmed in the brand-new Universal Studios Florida facilities and soundstages. Actor/stuntman Dick Durock played Swamp Thing in both films as well as the TV series.
battledome(1999 - 2000)
Battle Dome is best described as WWF meets American Gladiators - a crazy mix of fun and games.
The Pinky Lee Show(1954 - 1956)
NBC TV Network:Weekday evenings and Saturday Mornings January,1954-June,1956. Host/Performer:Pinky Lee , regulars:Betty Jane Howarth,Susiebell,Mel Knootz and Sid Fields.
Dangerous Women(1991 - 1992)
They are six women who have only one thing in common :They're all ex-cons. After her parole, Faith Cronin gets plastic surgery, a new identity, revenge on her brutal, mob-connected husband, and a beautiful, rustic, lake-front inn to run. One by one, her former prison mates (Cissie Johnson, Rita Jone...
Robotech: macross plus(1994 - 1994)
Macross Plus (マクロスプラス, Makurosu Purasu?) is a four-episode anime OVA and theatrical movie in the Macross series. At the time of its creation, it was a groundbreaking and budget-shattering (the largest budget for an anime at the time) combination of ce...
Legend(1995 - 1995)
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