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Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)(1985 - 1989)
Remake to the CBS 1955-1962 series and the 1962-1962 the hour "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. This Remake series was done for NBC.
Matt Houston(1982 - 1985)
The Mighty Mouse Playhouse(1955 - 1966)
This show features a series of Mighty Mouse cartoons from the Terrytoons library along with Dinky Duck, Gandy Goose, Sourpuss, Heckle & Jeckle and many other characters. The show ran for 11 years until 1966 when it was replaced by "Mighty Mouse and the Mighty Heroes". By the 1965-66 season, "Migh...
Neon Rider(1990 - 1995)
Dragnet (1951)(1951 - 1959)
After the famous radio show they took it to tv & in 1955 the first movie on dragnet. Each episode was directed by the star Jack Webb. The show lasted for 8 seasons & 276 episodes.
Dragnet (1989)(1989 - 1990)
The Syndicated 80's remake without Jack Webb that died in 1982. This Show didn't started from the 1987 film comady "Dragnet". The show lasted for 2 seasons & 52 episodes.
Dragnet (1967)(1967 - 1970)
The campy remake show of the 1951 show but in COLOR. This time taking on Hippies & drug dealers & more. Every episode is directed by Jack Webb. The Show lasted on 4 seasons & 98 & episodes.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour(1962 - 1965)
This should be seasons 8-10 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The shows runtime was 60 min not 30 mins like Alfred Hitchcock Presents was. They renamed the show so that people would know that show was 60 min and not 30 min. Aired on CBS on every Thursday. Before season 3 aka season 10 the show got moved...
Bernard's Watch(1998 - 2001)
Bernard's Watch was a television programme for children shown on CITV. It was about a boy who was always running late, until one day a postman gave him a watch, but not just any old watch, but one that could stop time.
Soldier Soldier(1991 - 1997)
Soldier Soldier was a British television drama series. The title comes from a traditional song of the same name. Produced by Central Television and broadcast on the ITV network, it ran for a total of seven series and 82 episodes from 1991 to 1997. It featured the daily lives of a group of soldier...
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