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The Antagonists(1991 - 1991)
Angel Street(1992 - 1992)
America 2Night(1978 - 1978)
Adderly(1986 - 1988)
Revolved around former spy trying to reestablish his career after getting his hand smashed by a mace-wielding villain.
Aaron's Way(1988 - 1988)
Aaron(Merlin Olsen) *better known as Johnathan Garvey on Little House on the Prairie, is an Amish man who is trying carve out a life for him and his family in the 20th century. Being surrounded by all sorts of modern day problems, he tries to use his strength and faith in God to overcome them. Witho...
The Bronx Zoo(1987 - 1988)
The Blue Knight(1975 - 1976)
The Blue Knight was a CBS police drama about an LAPD beat cop who kept law & order in the roughest part of town & yet manages to find the time to help people in their need. The series was created by former LAPD officer Joseph Wambaugh known for his realistic police novels.
The Boys Are Back(1994 - 1995)
Against the Law(1990 - 1991)
Air America(1998 - 1999)
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