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Shannon's Deal(1989 - 1991)
Second Chances(1993 - 1994)
Shaky Ground(1992 - 1993)
Oh Madeline(1982 - 1984)
After 10 years of marriage, Madeline is bored, so she decides to try every trendy diversion that comes along. Plenty of slapstick comedy, along with marital misunderstandings, make this show reminiscent of "I Love Lucy".
Fraidy Cat(1975 - 1976)
First aired in 1975 as a segment on the short lived series Uncle Croc's Block. Only 18 episodes were made of this series. Fraidy Cat was an unlucky and miserable cat who, like all cats, had 9 lives, but had used up 8 of them, and was on his 9th and last life. The main joke to the series was that ev...
Starzinger(1980 - 1983)
Aurora, the princess of the moon, is given a mission by the great scientist Dr. Kitty. Aurora must go to the planet Great King and restore the galaxy energy that has somehow decreased in the universe. The source of all the trouble is suposed to have its origin there. On her way there she will face n...
The Fugitive (T.V.)(1963 - 1967)
Dr. Richard Kimble, an Indiana pediatrician, is accused, arrested, tried and convicted of the murder of his wife. Kimble claims he was on his way home from a drive when the murder occurred, and saw a one-armed man running from his house upon his return. Kimble manages to escape from the detective as...
System Crash(1999 - 2001)
This show is about a high school where the kids have their own closed circuit tv show. They perform skits, have commercials, and different segments, etc.
Gemini Man(1976 - 1978)
Sam Casey is caught in an explosion which makes him invisible. By using a stabilizer in the form of a wrist watch, he can remain visible. By turning off this stabilizer, he can become invisible again for short periods of time. Any more than fifteen minutes of invisibility will make him disappear ent...
The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie(1972 - 1974)
The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie — renamed The New Saturday Superstar Movie in its second season — was a series of one-hour animated TV-movies (some of which also contained live action), broadcast on the ABC television network on Saturday mornings from September 9, 1972, to November 17, 1973. Int...
Quote O' Matic
  • Captain Gonza and Iron Town women: Gonza: Don't worry about her Ladyship. I'll be right by her side the whole time.
    1st Woman: That's what we're afraid of.
    2nd Woman: Even if you were a woman, you'd still be an idiot!
    -Captain Gonza and Iron Town women
  • Princess Mononoke