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The Bold Ones(1969 - 1972)
The Young Lawyers(1970 - 1971)
The Paper Chase(1978 - 1986)
Medical Center(1969 - 1976)
Medical Center was a medical drama set in a metropolitan hospital & the stories about the doctors, nurses & patients & their experiences. James Daly starred as Dr. Paul Lochner, the hospital's chief of staff. Chad Everett was Dr. Joe Gannon, a colleague of Dr. Lochner. The series ran on CBS from 1...
M.U.S.C.L.E.(1986 - 1988)
Based on on small plastic figurines. They were professional wrestlers that were masked.
Space Ace(1984 - 1985)
Cartoon based on the video game. Now airs on boomerang.
Magic roundabout(1965 - 1977)
classic cartoon series. Later aired in america on pinwheel.
I, Claudius(1976 - 1976)
This show is about the life of the Roman emperor Claudius. Born with a stutter and therefore percieved as a fool by his family, Claudius nevertheless manage to keep his wits to him while the rest of the imperial family plots against each other in their thirst for power.
Fay(1975 - 1976)
Bronk(1975 - 1976)
Bronk was a short-lived CBS detective show that starred Jack Palance as Lt. Alex Bronkov, a widower with a wheelchair-bound daughter (the result of an auto accident that also killed his wife) who helps the mayor of a fictional California city fight corruption & crime.
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