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Equal Justice(1990 - 1991)
Encore! Encore!(1998 - 1999)
Something is Out There(1988 - 1988)
Two police officers investigate a series of brutal murders in which the victims have had bodily organs removed. When one of them questions a young woman who has been seen at the crime scenes, it turns out she is an alien from an interstellar prison ship and that the murders have been committed by a...
Judge Mills Lane(1998 - 2001)
If Walls Could Talk...(1998 - Current)
Guys Like Us(1998 - 1999)
The Girl with Something Extra(1973 - 1974)
The Girl with Something Extra was a fantasy-based sitcom television series that aired on NBC for one season during 1973-1974. The series was a variation on Bewitched in that it derived its comedy from the relationship between a normal man and his wife who happens to have a special power. In th...
413 Hope St.(1997 - 1998)
Quote O' Matic
  • When his kid ran away, Sam put everything he had into finding him; his time, his money, everything. After a while, he stopped coming to work. He just quit caring.

    -Man in Parrish Shoe Factory Office
  • Jumanji