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Arnie(1970 - 1972)
Big Break(1991 - 2002)
Long-running vehicle for blue-comedian-turned-good Jim Davidson to lark about and make silly voices. [edit] Hot to pot Host Jim Davidson, a UK stand-up comedian by trade, guides three teams through the rounds. Each team is made up of a contestant and a professional snooker player. In the first...
The Sandy Duncan Show(1972 - 1972)
The Paul Lynde Show(1972 - 1973)
The Paul Lynde Show was a ABC sitcom featuring Paul Lynde as a lawyer whose family life gets disrupted by the appearance of his new son-in-law, an eccentric college student with an IQ of 185. Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara made occasional appearances as the son-in-law's parents.
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam(1993 - 1994)
The show starts in UC (Universal Century) 0153 and with the conflicts of the Zeon vs Earth Federation and Crossbone Vanguard vs Earth Federation a memory this show starts up w/ a new malevolent force in the Zanscare empire that is looking to conquer earth. This stars Uso Evin the youngest Gundam pil...
Police Women(1974 - 1978)
police drama
Live & Kicking(1993 - 2001)
• The Only Way to Start Your Weekend • Miss It, Miss Out! Live and Kicking was the fourth programme to occupy the Saturday Morning slot, and its first programme was broadcast 17 years to-the-day that it all started with Swap Shop. The BAFTA award winning Live and Kicking had it's debut in 199...
Delvecchio(1976 - 1977)
detective drama
Petrocelli(1974 - 1976)
lawyer/detective drama
Pacific Palisades(1997 - 1997)
This one-hour serial drama from Aaron Spelling follows the lives of young professionals who have it all, but haven't paid for it yet, on the Southern California fast track to fame, fortune, scandal and ruin. The cast of characters includes Joanna (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Hadley (Jarrod Emick), a...
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