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What Should I Do?(1969 - 1992)
The What Should I Do? Series was a 9-episode educational show produced by The Walt Disney Company. The films were included in some "Donald Duck Presents" episodes. Originally it was animated, in 1992 were produced additional live-action segments.
Cirque Du Soleil: Fire Within(2002 - 2002)
The series follows eight Cirque du Soleil performers during the creation and production of the Cirque's newest touring production, Varekai. Stress ensues as several newcomers try to learn new acrobatic acts for the show, while the subplot also follows the crew behind the show trying to cast new perf...
Secrets of the Animal Kingdom(1998 - 1998)
A nature series geared to youngsters that observes creatures from around the world.
Archibald the Koala(1998 - 2000)
This series is set on a secluded island called Rastepappe that is populated by Koalas and Badgers. Its city Koalaville is filled with various strange characters including a nervous mayor, a hopeless inventor and even a bossy painter. The stress of the mayor's job caused him to have trouble with migr...
Off the Wall(1998 - 1999)
A game show that was aired on Disney Channel. Two teams of three children compete in a series of weird, outrageous and unusual events,; all played against nine pre-videotaped on-the-street contestants.
Mad Libs(1998 - 1999)
American children's game show based on the book/word game series.
Steampipe Alley(1988 - 1993)
Local:WWOR TV Ch.9,Seacaucus,N.J./Cable TV Sunday mornings:Sunday February 7,1988-April 18,1993 Host/Performer/Interviewer:Mario Cantone,Announcer:"Don Pardonmeo"(Ted Malle').
Lunch With Soupy Sales/The Soupy Sales Show(1959 - 1962)
ABC TV Network Saturday Afternoons:October 3,1959 -March 25,1961 Friday Nights:January 29,1962-April 13,1962 Host/Performer:Soupy Sales,Head Puppeteer/Comedy Assistant:Clyde Adler.
Milo(2003 - 2005)
Milo is a funny young rabbit with human characteristics similar to those of a 6 years-old child at whom his stories are aimed. Milo’s adventures illustrate a typical child in his everyday’s life: the games, the feelings, the new experiences, the dreams and small kid’s dramas. 
His play-friend Judith...
Keroro Gunso(2004 - 2011)
The main plot of the story focuses on the steadily deteriorating conditions of the Keroro Platoon, a group of five, frog-like aliens from Planet Keron of the Gamma Planetary System. The platoon’s mission is to invade and conquer Earth (known to the aliens as “Pekopon”), but fail miserably at each at...
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