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The Dudley Do-Right Show(1969 - 1970)
Dudley Do-Right the bumbling hero of the Canadian Mounties made his first appearance on Rocky and Bullwinkle in the early 1960's ... now he has his own show and is still facing his nemesis the dastardly Snidely Whiplash.
All Is Forgiven(1986 - 1986)
Live-In(1989 - 1989)
Living Dolls(1989 - 1989)
Living Dolls was a short-lived TV series about four teenage female models sharing a New York brownstone with their agent, herself a former model and her young son. Living Dolls is the spin-off from the hit ABC comedy "Who's the Boss?"
Homeroom(1989 - 1989)
FM(1989 - 1990)
FM was a one year show about Ted Costas, a director for a free-form public radio station in Washington D.C. He has woman problems and is divorced. Costas is the divorced father of a teenage daughter and is still in love with his ex-wife Lee-Ann. They reunite and now Lee-Ann has returned to resume he...
American Dreamer(1990 - 1991)
Ann Jillian(1989 - 1990)
Annie McGuire(1988 - 1988)
Better Days(1986 - 1986)
Quote O' Matic
  • Mitch Brenner: What about the letter you wrote me, is that a lie, too?
    Melanie Daniels: No, I wrote the letter.
    Mitch Brenner: Well what did it say?
    Melanie Daniels: It said 'Dear Mister Brenner, I think you need these lovebirds after all. They may help your personality.'
    Mitch Brenner: But you...
  • The Birds