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The Master(1984 - 1984)
The series follows the adventures of American Veteran, John Peter McAllister, who stayed in Japan after World War II and has learned the art of ninjutsu. Years later he leaves Japan to find his long lost daughter, on his journey he meets Max Keller who insists on learning John's ninja skills. Each e...
Skysurfer Strike Force(1995 - 1996)
The story of 5 heroes called the Skysurfer Strike Force. Skysurfer 1, Crazy Stunt, Sliced Ice, Air Inforcer, and Sor Lozer. They travel the skys on cars that turn into large hoverboards. Skysurfer 1 and his team must stop a group of super powerful terriosts. The leader of these terriosts caused the...
Shades of L.A.(1990 - 1991)
The Roswell Conspiracies(1999 - 2000)
Essentially an attempt at cashing in on the success of Men In Black, this series followed secret agents who worked to protect the world from alien threats who were styled to resemble monsters of popular fiction such as werewolves and zombies. Their central enemies were the shape-shifting, serpentine...
Clerks: The Animated Series(2000 - 2000)
Based on the 1994 Kevin Smith film of the same name, the series showed the crazy antics of two retail clerks, Dante and Randal, who work at Quick Stop Market and RST Video Rental with Jay and Silent Bob not too far behind. Originally only two episodes aired on ABC due to various controversial...
Veronica's Closet(1997 - 2000)
Vengeance Unlimited(1998 - 1999)
Urban Angel(1991 - 1992)
A Man Called Sloane(1979 - 1979)
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