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The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil(1988 - 1988)
Direct from the 1960s popular Bob Clampett cartoon "Beany and Cecil" was revived to an all new series with only 5 episodes. Join Beany and Cecil on an adventure to stop the schemes of Dishonest John.
Out of the Blue(1979 - 1979)
Often thought to be a "Happy Days" spin-off, this series featured an Angel named Random (Jimmy Brogan) who came to Earth to help an aunt (Dixie Carter, "Designing Women") deal with the gaggle of nieces and nephews she got stuck with after their parents died. Eileen Heckart ("The Bad Seed," "Butterf...
Soul Man(1997 - 1998)
Mike Weber is a widowed Episcopal priest who must cope with (among other things) his four children, his obstreperous parishioners in Royal Oak, Michigan, and a wet-behind-the-ears curate who happens to be the nephew of his bishop.
Monster Farm(1998 - 1999)
The series was about a young man from the city named Jack Haylee and the farm he inherits from his great Uncle Harloff. What he finds when he arrives is a bizarre collection of farm animals. Together, this unlikely managerie must work to help their new owner save their home from the curiosity-seeker...
The Twilight Zone (1985)(1985 - 1989)
A remake of the 1959 CBS classic hit, this time the show included the works of famous writers such as Ray Bradbury and Stephen King and not to mention a few famous faces such as Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis. And like the original series, each episode presented a tale of horror, suspense, humor an...
Sonshiny Day(1992 - 1994)
Sonshiny Day is a half-hour program geared for children ages 1-7 with host Audrey Meisner, two of her young children and puppets. With all original music (written by Audrey Meisner) and fun-filled action, the program became popular for it's happy outlook and emphasis on God being all-loving and prot...
7 Days(1998 - 2001)
This TV science fiction action drama is based on the familiar fantasy notion: what if it were possible to go back and do it all over again, minus mistakes? Ex-CIA agent Frank Parker (Jonathan LaPaglia) is yanked from a mental institution and assigned to a top-secret project engineered from a Roswell...
Flintstone Funnies(1982 - 1984)
Flintstone Funnies was a 30-minute Saturday morning animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions from September 18, 1982 to September 8, 1984 on NBC. The series consisted of reruns of The Flintstone Comedy Show segments from 1980-82 which were repackaged in half-hour formats and retitled...
The Heights(1992 - 1992)
It was about a rock band. Starred Jamie Walters (later on 90210). More well-known was the show's theme song: "How Do You Talk To An Angel?"
Private Benjamin(1981 - 1981)
Spin off from movie of the same title. Cast included: Lorna Patterson Eileen Brennan Hal Williams
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