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Sapphire and Steel(1979 - 1982)
Sapphire & Steel was a British television science-fiction series starring David McCallum as Steel and Joanna Lumley as Sapphire. Produced by ATV, it ran from 1979 to 1982 and was primarily ATV's answer to the BBC's Doctor Who. The series was created by Peter J. Hammond, who conceived the programme a...
Checking In(1981 - 1981)
This was a short lived Spin-Off of The Jeffersons. It ran from April 9, 1981 and its last epsoide aired on April 30, 1981.
Slayers Excellent(1998 - 1999)
Fantasy comedy OVA featuring more adventures of Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent.
Robotech II: The Sentinels(1987 - 1987)
This series was intended to continue the Robotech Saga explaining what happened to the original Macross Saga characters between The Robotech Masters and The New Generation sagas. However due to various reasons the production fell through and only 3 episodes were made by Tatsunoko Production. Ric...
Blue Heelers(1994 - 2006)
Main cast * John Wood as Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (1994 - 2006) * Julie Nihill as Christine 'Chris' Reilly' (1994 - 2006) * Martin Sacks as Senior Detective Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham (1994 - 2005) * Lisa McCune as Senior Constable Margaret 'Maggie' Doyl...
Frontline(1983 - Current)
PBS's popular documentary series. The program debuted in 1983, with former NBC anchorwoman Jessica Savitch as its host, but Savitch died later in the first season. Judy Woodruff took over as anchor in 1984, and hosted the program for five years. In 1990, the show did away with the anchor position, a...
Big Square Eye(1992 - Current)
Step By Step(1991 - 1998)
"Step By Step" was, in a sense, "The Brady Bunch" meets the 1990s. Like "The Brady Bunch," two single-parent families, each with three children, are married into one, and the step-siblings learn to get along and love one another. That's where the main similairies end in this 1990s series, which s...
Harts of the West(1993 - 1994)
After suffering a minor heart attack and a major midlife crisis Chicago lingerie salesman Dave Hart (Beau Bridges) says adios to the big city, uproots his less than enthusastic family and heads west in search of his inner hombre But when the beautiful flying tumbleweed ranch Hart thinks he bought...
Galaxy High School(1986 - 1986)
Doyle and Aimee, two Earthling students, are chosen to attend a high school in outer space (Aimee the #1 honors student, Doyle the Star Jock). Their lives change around as Doyle becomes educated, and Aimee becomes popular. The two students be-friend alien classmates and learn to get along despite th...
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  • Peter Shepherd: This will not be an easy mission - monkeys slow the expedition.
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