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What Really Happened To the Class Of '65?(1977 - 1978)
A dramatic anthology series based on the book of the same title. A former student who later returns to his old high school as a teacher & tells stories about his former classmates who have moved on with their lives. The show ran briefly on NBC.
Pinky Dinky Doo(2005 - 2011)
This engaging animated children's series finds 7-year-old Pinky and her younger brother, Tyler, discussing new words and concepts and using imagination and logic to answer some of life's questions -- all through Pinky's wild, brain-swelling stories.
Mopatop's Shop(1999 - 2003)
"Mopatop's Shop" was a UK television series by Jim Henson Productions. The show features a large green Muppet named Mopatop and his red duck-like assistant Puppyduck, who run a shop where you can buy anything you could ever think or dream of.
Nighttime with John Stossel(2009 - Current)
Nighttime with John Stossel is a talk show that airs on FOX News Channel. It is hosted by News anchor John Stossel.
Way Out(1961 - 1961)
A CBS anthology series featuring the macabre stories of Roald Dahl. The show was almost similar in concept to Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, only the stories were more along the supernatural than Science Fiction.
Room for Two(1992 - 1993)
An Ohio widow visits her TV-producer daughter in New York City and stays after landing a job as a commentator on her show.
Pinocchio (Tatsunoko/Harmony Gold/Saban)(1972 - 1992)
In 1972 came the very first Tatsunoko Japanese version. Harmony Gold released the first English and Latino Spanish version in 1984 in a condensed film format. In 1990 Saban released their own English dub and this time it was the full series.
Peter Pan the Animated Series(1990 - 1990)
Known also as "Peter Pan no bouken", japanese anime series produced by Nippon Animation and brought to the world by Saban Entertainment. Was dubbed in English but wasn't shown in USA. Released on DVDs in UK by Jetix.
The Simpsons Shorts(1987 - 1989)
These shorts were the first apperance of the simpsons. Creator Matt groining was originally going to do an animated version of his Life In Hell comic strip.These shorts were bumpers on the Tracy Ullman Show.
Trump Card(1990 - 1995)
Trump Card was television game show recorded live at Trump Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey. The show was hosted by Jimmy Cefalo.
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