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The Lucy Show(1962 - 1968)
The wacky misadventures of a forever scheming woman, her reluctant best friend and her cantankerous boss.
The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour(1957 - 1960)
A hour-long continuation of I Love Lucy. Lucy and her husband, Ricky Ricardo, are living in the country with their best friends and old landlords. Was also titled "We Love Lucy" and re-edited to 30 minutes in some markets when presented in reruns.
The Abbott and Costello Show(1952 - 1954)
Bud and Lou are unemployed actors living in Mr. Fields' boarding house. Lou's girlfriend Hillary lives across the hall. Any premise would lead to slapstick, puns, lots of gimmicks from their movies.
Steven Universe(2013 - Current)
A young boy named Steven, who grows up in the fictional town of Beach City living with three magical humanoid aliens, the "Crystal Gems" Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.
F Troop(1965 - 1967)
The misadventures of the staff and neighbors of a remote US Army outpost in the Wild West.
The Art of Being Nick(1987 - 1987)
A spinoff of "Family Ties" revolving around Mallory's boyfriend Nick Moore(Scott Valentine).Only the pilot episode aired,despite strong ratings,NBC decided to keep the Nick character on"Family Ties".
once upon a town(1975 - 1976)
reading series for children
Nick Rocks(1982 - 1989)
Nick Rocks is a television show that aired on American cable channel Nickelodeon from 1982 to 1989, which featured pop and rock music videos for 30 minutes. The show's host was identified only as "Joe From Chicago." Nick Rocks occasionally featured guest stars hosting the show, including They Might...
King Rollo(1980 - 1980)
British cartoon revolves around King Rollo,a childlike ruler,and his friends.
Mike and Molly(2010 - 2016)
A cop(Billy Gardell)and a teacher(Melissa McCarthy) meet at an"Overeaters Anonymous" meeting and soon fall in love.
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