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Colby's Clubhouse(1995 - 2012)
Colby's Clubhouse was a children's television show that taught principles from the Bible through songs and everyday situations. It was written and produced by Peter and Hanneke Jacobs. Peter Jacobs played the part of Colby the Computer. It originally aired from 1987 to 2000 with several changes of c...
Just Say Julie(1989 - 1992)
A Sketch Comedy show staring comedian Julie Brown.
Billy(1992 - 1992)
Billy Connolly reprises his role of Billy MacGregor,in this"Head of The Class"spinoff.Billy leaves New York,and moves to Berkley,California.To avoid getting deported,Billy marries(arranged marriage)a widow woman with 3 kids.The show lasted only half a season on ABC.
Chucklewood Critters(1997 - 1999)
It's all fun in games in the Chucklewood forest as Buttons and Rusty (a bear and fox cub) have fun all day, while at the same time, learn valuable life lessons.
Rab C Nesbitt(1989 - 1999)
Rab C Nesbitt has an opinion on anything and everything; put foward in a way that only Rab can. He is possibly the only person on the planet for whom the phrase "dysfunctional family" is regarded as a compliment. His theories may have as many holes as his string vest, and ther's alot more life in th...
Superman (Fleischer Studios Shorts)(2012 - 2012)
Based on the popular and legendary DC Comics character, this was classic early animated adventures of Superman. Disguised as everyday reported, Clark Kent, in times of need he quickly dons the heroic alter ego know as Superman fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way. The series was the...
Monopoly(1989 - 1990)
Monopoly was a TV game show based on the Parker Brothers board game by the same name. The show first aired in June of 1989 and ended in September of 1990. The show was hosted by Michael Reilly with his co-hostess, Kathy Davis. The Announcer is Charlie O'Donnell. The show only lasted 2 seasons.
Gigglesnort Hotel(1975 - 1978)
The program was set at an old hotel. Characters include Dirty Dragon, the Old Professor, Weird, Old Mother Plumtree, the hotel's owner, and Old Man Gigglesnort.
Ring Raiders(1989 - 1989)
A group of pilots- called the Ring Raiders -protect the planet from the evil Skull Squadron. The Ring Raiders are made up of history's best pilots, brought together to protect civilization.
The Morton Downey Jr. Show(1987 - 1989)
A precursor to shows like "The Jerry Springer Show" and "Jenny Jones", Morton Downey Jr. presided over a series of outrageous topics and equally outrageous guests. Trash-talking, fights, shocking statements...It all happened on here.
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