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The High Life(1996 - Current)
Battletoads(1991 - 1991)
The Battletoads gained fame in their 1991 NES game. The game featured pretty decent graphics for the time, and an insane difficulty level that made you want throw the controller at the TV. The cartoon, which came out shortly after the game, serves as a prequel and looks into how the toads became who...
Idiot Savants(1996 - 1997)
This was MTV's more intellectual game show. Hosted by Greg Fitzsimmons, this show had an interesting format in which the same 4 players played for 5 days straight. The person with the greatest number of points after five days won. Monday through Thursday was played with three rounds, and a fina...
Jonovision(1996 - 2001)
This is the talk show for teens hosted by Jonathan Torrens. Aired on CBC in the afternoons. It featured topics pertinent to teens such as sex, politics, relationships, wierd friends, etc. They had a battle of the bands as well called "Jonopalooza" in which the winning band won the Golden Ear trop...
Microman (Micronauts)(1999 - 2000)
Micronouts return in this japan cartoon about 5 tiny aliens who fights evil aliens. They can turn into transforming robots and get help from three kids who can shrink down to tiny size also.
I Spy(1965 - 1968)
The Insiders(1985 - 1986)
The Insiders was a mid-1980s American television detective series starring Nicholas Campbell, Stoney Jackson and Gail Strickland. The one season program aired the hour before Monday Night Football. It was directed by Robby Roth, presently known for the popular series "Prison Break." Many people w...
He's the Mayor(1986 - 1986)
Carl Burke (Kevin Hooks) is a 25-year-old man that decides he can fix his town's problems if he is the mayor. After winning the election he quickly finds out that it isn't as easy as he thought. He often seeks advice from his father (Al Fann)who is the janitor at city hall.
Animal Crackers(1997 - 1998)
Based on the comic strip created by Roger Bollen. Set in Africa's Freeborn Wildlife Preserve. Characters: Lyle Lion, DoDo, Eugene the Elephant, Lana the Lioness, Gnu
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