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The Tommy Seven Show(1960 - 1963)
Local:WABC TV Ch.7 NYC Weekday evenings and mornings and Sunday afternoons Monday September 12,1960-Sunday July 15,1963 Host/Performer:"Tommy Seven The tramp Clown"(Ed Bakey).
The Chuck McCann Show(1963 - 1966)
Local:WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC weekday afternoons Monday September 3,1963-Friday July 30,1965/WNEW TV Ch.5 NYC Weekday afternoons/Saturday Mornings Tuesday September 7,1965-Saturday July 16,1966 Hosts/Performers:Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley.
Super Adventure Theater(1959 - 1967)
Local:WOR TV Ch.9 NYC Saturday and Sunday Mornings 1959-1967 Ringmaster Host/Puppeteer:Claude Kirchner,Puppet Character:"Clownie".
Terrytoons Circus/Merrytoons Circus(1956 - 1962)
Local:WOR TV Ch.9 NYC Weekday evenings:1956-1962 Ringmaster/Host/puppeteer:Claude Kirchner,Puppet character:"Clownie".
The Scrub Club(1957 - 1968)
Local:WOR TV Ch.9 NYC weekday afternoons and mornings: Monday May 8,1957-Friday December 13,1968 Host/Puppeteer:Claude Kirchner,Puppet Characters:"Scrubby The pig","Dr.Owl","Super Flop" and"Super Flo".
Andy's Gang(1955 - 1960)
NBC TV Network Saturday Mornings 1955-1960. Host/Performer:Andy Devine, Regulars:"Froggey The Gremlin",Vito Scotti,Nino Marcel,Lou Krugman and Rolfe Sedan.
The Ruff & Reddy Show(1957 - 1964)
NBC TV Network Saturday mornings Saturday Decemnber 14,1957-September,1964 Hosts/Performers:Jimmy Blaine & "Capt.Bob"Cottle,Puppeteers:Rufus Rose,Bobby Nicholson and Andy Bader.
The Three Stooges Funhouse(1958 - 1961)
Local:WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC Weekday evenings:Monday September 8,1958-Wednesday September 6,1961 Host/Performer:"Officer Joe"Bolton.
Time For Fun!(1953 - 1960)
Time For Fun! is a kids' show that aired on a local New York station, premiering in 1953. The program, originally hosted by Corny the Clown (Bob Keeshan) was set in a city park where Corny, on his lunch break from the circus, would visit with his TV audience, telling stories to the children at home,...
The Pinky Lee Show(1954 - 1956)
NBC TV Network:Weekday evenings and Saturday Mornings January,1954-June,1956. Host/Performer:Pinky Lee , regulars:Betty Jane Howarth,Susiebell,Mel Knootz and Sid Fields.
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