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KPRC-TV Newscasts(1949 - Current)
The newscasts are produced locally by KPRC-TV Channel 2 in Houston, Texas, 39 and a half hours each week. The Newscasts of KPRC-TV has been produced locally since the station was signed on the air on New Year's Day 1949.
Windows 98 Commercial(2017 - Current)
Windows 98 Commercial
CNN Daybreak(1980 - 2005)
This American early weekday morning news program was aired on CNN from June 1, 1980 to it's final broadcast on November 25, 2005.
The Lone Ranger(1949 - 1957)
The adventures of the masked hero and his Native American partner.
Down The Shore(1992 - 1993)
Short lived Fox sitcom about 6 young adults living in a beach house on the Jersey shore.
BBC Panorama(1953 - Current)
Britain's longest-running current affairs documentary program on television from BBC News, has been on the air since November 11, 1953.
The New Andy Griffith Show(1971 - 1971)
Was originally meant to be Andy Griffith's return to television, but was cancelled as quickly as it aired.
That Girl(1966 - 1971)
Ann Marie is a struggling actress living in New York City. In between trying to find jobs acting and modeling she has time for her boyfriend, Don Hollinger, and her dad, Lew Marie.
Mayberry R.F.D.(1968 - 1971)
The continuing adventures of the denizens of Mayberry. Spun-off from the Andy Griffith Show.
The Joey Bishop Show(1961 - 1965)
Joey Barnes is the host of a TV talk show originating in New York. Each episode dealt with events in his personal and professional life as a celebrity. Many guest stars appeared on the series playing themselves as guests of Joey's talk show.
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  • Drunk Peter: (Peter's car crashes into the Christmas pageant's "stable")
    Peter: Hey, everybody! I'm on vacation. Happy birthday, Jesus. Seven maids a milkin',six maids a milkin' five maids a milk(Camel falls on Peter)ow!
    -Drunk Peter
  • Family Guy